“What’s Ben Jealous Running For?”

He doesn’t know what job or which state he’s running in. Incumbent Maryland Governor has fun with it. Now Jealous (is there a more perfect name for a Democrat, btw?) is calling Hogan a bully for laughing at him.  -PHenry

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  1. Here he is 2 years removed from the Presidency & still “Obumbling” along, unable to comprehend what is going on in the world.

  2. I have to give the hat tip to WMAL’s Chris Plante for that one. WMAL.com from 9-12 listen live. He’s hilarious and irreverent. I listened on the radio on Friday during my foray into psycho land for Kavanaugh eve.

    I have been listening via “Al Gore’s wonderful internet” ever since. Or however Plante phrases it.

    He’s got others. Blue dress wave. For instance.

  3. “Are you f’ing kidding me?” That was his response to a local reporter’s question during a street side press conference. Yea, that’s the one I’m gonna vote for! In Maryland when Democrats support a second term for a Republican , well that MAGA Baby!

  4. what’s scary is that against a less-popular RINO … this dickhead could possibly win .. after all, Merryland has give us Ben Cardin, Steny Hoyer, Babs Micowsky, Nan Pelosi, Sarbanes, Chris Van Hollen …

    @PHenry ~ it’s “Al Gore’s Amazing Internet” … listen to Plante practically every day … a humorously irreverent talent … I’d rather listen to him than Rush (blasphemy!!!)

    btw, love Plante’s description of leftard think … “You can do anything, as long as it’s mandatory, & what isn’t mandatory must be banned”

  5. The Democrats, they’re not sending their best. Sad.

    You may have fooled those doddering old people in the NAACP, Ben, and you may yet prevail, but Damn…You one fool ass fool.

  6. PHenry and ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ tips hat, been a long time since listening WMAL. That sounds like worthwhile time to spend since nothing else at that time is worth it.

  7. A first name of “Ben” isn’t too bad, but what kind of last name is “Jealous” for a Democrat politician, anyway?

    He should change it to “Dover”.

  8. With all of the negativity in the world and all the gut wrenching news Chris Plante’s humor and satire is a deliciously wonderful way to hear the background sound as I work in the ofice every morning. Chris doesn’t rant – he just has fun.

    He gives a good update on both the DC area politics and the national and with his experience at CNN it;s often an insiders perspective.


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