What’s Causing the Spike in WuhanFlu Cases?

Dr. Jeffrey Barke: Cases are rising, but the fatality rate is dropping. The average age of new cases is 31—fatality is so low for that age group that it’s hard to even calculate.

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  1. Since the isolations, quarantines, lockdowns and shutdowns have served only to extend the residency of this normal virus, I have absolutely zero fucks to give about what anyone wants to propagandize about this disease.

  2. This mask shit has got to go. Just got back from a whirlwind tour of AZ, UT and NV. Basically, a week around the Grand Canyon and then a night in LV, staying at Trump hotel, of course. Fools hiking with masks, biking with masks…it is sad what is happening. My whole family went bare-faced just about everywhere, each of us carrying a ratty old mask to wave in front of our faces as we entered buildings, only wearing them for TSA and the goddam LV mall cops. And the casino masked smokers are bizarre.

    It is total bullshit how people must walk in restaurants masked, then are allowed to sit bareface for an hour, then strap on when they leave. Although my wife put on her mask in LV to block out the stench of weed when we hit the street. One good sign was that no Karens ratted us out anywhere, even on the planes! And many knowing glances among fellow barefaces. It’s a twisted time we live in. Fight the face-diaper, my brothers and sisters. I promise to let y’all know if I come down with the covid.

  3. This is too convenient.
    This whole fauci lockdown scam was created by an act of war by the Chicomms.

  4. Some possible signage on masks:

    “This mask is infected”
    “Have COVID, will travel”
    “You have COVID now”
    “Go ahead, touch my mask”
    “My farts have COVID”
    “This does NOTHING!”
    “I’m on the rag”
    “Fresh COVID juice”
    “Joke’s on YOU”
    “The EYES have it”
    “No sense of smell”
    “Horn sounds when sneezing”
    “I found it on the street”
    “Enjoy your CO2”

  5. Think now that we’ve raised a generation of kids who are mentally disturbed everyone wins words are violence snowflake genderbending progressively-eduated lunatics?

    What the hell are we doing now to toddlers and little kids with this masked-up social distancing abnormality. We’re going to have a pandemic alright — of OCD hypochondriac paranoid emotionally disturbed and fearful stunted. If a kid is three years old he doesn’t get back that first, “longest” year in memory.

  6. P.S. “Case” = “we found this one, out of trillions, in or on your body.”

    Can we stop please with the Newspeak.

  7. “to janitor”

    i couldn’t agree more, this is the result of everyone getting a trophy in little league

    darwins theory will weed most of these idiots out long before their time

  8. I’ll wear a mask when *Adam Schiff stops lying.
    *Nancy Pelosi stops using Botox.
    *Republicans develop a spine.
    *the media stops spreading fake news.
    *the government stops spying on all of us.
    * Anthony Fauci can reach the second shelf.

  9. Went to the mall yesterday, and at the entrance to Sephora, the young lady told me I could not enter without a mask, but they would provide one. I told her, “I don’t need it that bad.” And walked away. Later, went to Sprouts, and at the door a young lady was handing out notices that on Tuesday they would be implementing a mask only policy in the store. (Why are they waiting four days if it’s so important?) Anyway, I told her that this would be the last time I shopped there. And I also told the cashier, “My body, my choice, right?” I am living in the Twilight Zone.

  10. The death counts have suddenly spiked the past 3 days – although nothing like April it is the first time the curve has gone up. I am skeptical as always, but wonder whether there is a good explanation.

  11. Spike in cases in Cali, Ariz and Texas are being driven by illegals coming up from Mexico as well as US citizens who live in Mexico coming to the US for treatment. Absolute horseshit that these cases are being used to justify more draconian lock down measures by these states.

    As for ‘cases’, if you test positive that is a ‘case’. Again, absolute bullshit. A case should be when someone has symptoms of actually being sick. Many people test positive and never develop symptoms. In other words they AREN’T sick. Also, how many false positives are there?

    If you have time check out ‘Ethical Skeptic’ on Twitter. Really good info including a stat that I was having trouble finding regarding all cause fatality. Bottom line, thru July 4th less people have died in the US this year then the average of the last 5 years at the same date. 130,000+ people supposedly die from THE COVID but yet less people have died in total. WTF?!?


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