What’s going on in Debbie’s head?

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Picture swiped from DMF:

She is Just Maxine Waters in a Cowboy Hat

42 Comments on What’s going on in Debbie’s head?

  1. Lil’ Debbie looks lost and hopeless. I think she is not so doltish as to know max-west and max-east are not helping the cause.

  2. Ugly, old, fat, crazy black congresswoman calling herself a “Rock Star”, is not really a desirable description.
    It’s like self-describing as a “Diva”, that too is not a desirable description.
    Diva is just a nicer way of saying someone famous is a bitch, why would you claim to be an asshole rock star or a diva bitch?
    Typical Prog, no self-awareness.

  3. The thought bubble above her head says: I don’t think I can handle doing federal time with these animals, I won’t make it.

  4. She is wondering how her long march to the power she craves has led her to being forced to share the stage with the little people of the skin tone that is supposed to just shut up and vote.

  5. twins born of fetal alcohol syndrome.

    I think someone put that hat on “W I L S O N N N N N N N” s !!!! head cuz she’s to stupid to have done it herself

  6. Put her in brown face, that’s, that’s, collusion no they are using that word for something else, gravitas yes she is showing her gravitas.

  7. Debbie, “Hey do you suppose you tell the people of your district to stop breaking in the homes in my district?”

  8. Frederica, “Now listen honey, that smarmy IT guy you made me hire stole my brand new Apple Watch. Now I can’t tell time! You just better buy me a new Apple Watch or I’m gonna shove this hat right up your ass!”

  9. What’s the deal with the (only in Florida) fake Cowgirl hat ! is there a story to go with it … was her First Lover a Horse ?


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