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What’s going on?

obama cheek touching

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  1. So the president of our United States has this subservient look on his face while admitted socialist pats him on the head like, “You where right boy, those big lips and big ears are a good combination”. I’m embarrassed.

  2. C’mon Barry, you know Lucifer is proud of you too!

  3. buck up, little barry, you’ve officially become the world’s bitch

  4. Oops, Hey Barry, you got a little love juice on your chin there. Better go clean up. That’s why he was late for the moment of silence.

  5. “You have some Reggie right there on the corner of your mouth,,, here let me get it for you”

  6. OH, Guys look!! Did I any black rub off on me?

    hat/tip Don Rickles

  7. My little baklava you are ten times prettier than Emine. Be my #2 wife when you leave the White House.

  8. “My little Barry, I suppose having a dildo stuck in your poop chute is legitimate reason for not bowing to me. Next time you bow twice. And curtsey too.”

  9. muslim males even those that are not queer like to hold hands even in public ,more so in the middle east

  10. Well whadya know, he’s the sweet, little Belle of the Communist Ball!

  11. A zebra can’t change his stripes any more than a pos dick licking POTUS.

  12. Because everyone here is the beneficiary of sex education classes.

  13. If I were barry I’d watch out for the Turkish delight. What a circle jerk, barry, Merkel and a Turk. Although I think barry is the biggest chicken shit turkey in that picture with Merkel walking around like a turkey with its head cut off. THESE ARE THE JV TEAM! Hell, they’re even worse they’re the SCRUBS who ride the bench that nobody in their right mind would ever play under any circumstances.

  14. “Smell this Barack? A good Muzzie cleans their ass with this hand.”

  15. It’s a circle jerkle of an urkel, merkle and a turkle. Pardon me, while I go hurkle. Even Shemp from the 3 Stooges wasn’t this much of an idiot.

  16. “You will hang like a bloody sock from the end of my penix … I promise … but you are shy … come, little goat … give us a kiss …”

  17. For the first time, Barky experiences Turkish musk.

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