What’s going on?

obama cheek touching

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  1. So the president of our United States has this subservient look on his face while admitted socialist pats him on the head like, “You where right boy, those big lips and big ears are a good combination”. I’m embarrassed.

  2. Oops, Hey Barry, you got a little love juice on your chin there. Better go clean up. That’s why he was late for the moment of silence.

  3. If I were barry I’d watch out for the Turkish delight. What a circle jerk, barry, Merkel and a Turk. Although I think barry is the biggest chicken shit turkey in that picture with Merkel walking around like a turkey with its head cut off. THESE ARE THE JV TEAM! Hell, they’re even worse they’re the SCRUBS who ride the bench that nobody in their right mind would ever play under any circumstances.

  4. “You will hang like a bloody sock from the end of my penix … I promise … but you are shy … come, little goat … give us a kiss …”

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