What’s Hillary Hiding about Her Health?

American Thinker:

Hillary Clinton is either the gift that keeps on giving or else like houseguests who overstayed their welcome, depending on your perspective.  For Republicans, her continued presence in the public eye, whining and complaining about the election, providing a new excuse each week, is an electoral gift, as she is one of the faces of the modern Democratic Party.

Along with Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, these three are the witches of Macbeth, circled around a CNN microphone chanting, “Double, double, toil and trouble, Trump’s a pig, stole the election, and should be impeached.”  Sorry for the non-rhyme; maybe Jesse Jackson can help with that part of the incantation.

If Democrats hope to beat Trump in 2020, or take either house of Congress in November, they need fresh ideas besides Russia and Stormy and a new face of the party rather than a two-time loser who is quite unlikeable.  And there is still the nagging issue about her health.

The media are willing and eager to look in every nook and cranny for evidence of Trump-Russian collusion, and to date, they have come up with nothing.  But which journalists have investigated Mrs. Clinton’s health?  The presidency is a demanding job with a similarly vigorous campaign required to earn the votes to become president.  Mrs. Clinton failed in the campaign.  How would she have done as president?


Let’s go back to 2012, when she suffered a traumatic brain injury.  I wrote about this four years ago, describing her “terrible concussion,” as her husband described it; prism glasses used to correct double vision; and blood-thinners to prevent clots.  more here

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  1. I don’t know, but whatever it may be, she’s going to die unexpectedly of something unexpected. They will not give us the satisfaction of being right about Parkinson’s disease.

  2. Simple, she is a drunk.
    All drunks fall down a lot.
    They all have multiple ailments.
    They all live in denial of their actions.

  3. Her mortality does not exonerate the criminals and collaborators who enabled her, prospered alongside her, and continue to shield her from Justice.

    Hope she harbors an incurable, virulent pathogen that is most contagious to those who have supported her.

    Incinerate that corpse.

  4. I watch a show called “Elementary”, about a modern day Sherlock Holmes in NYC. Very pretentious leftish show. This season, Sherlock discovers that he has “Post Concussion Syndrome”…very nasty affliction, apparently. They are delving into every aspect of it. I think Hillary is going to die of PCS, which she got during her selfless travel around the globe for her beloved country.

  5. The latest addition looks like a bulletproof vest.

    Wonder which of her puppetmasters she’s most afraid of now.
    Soros? Putin? The Iranians? The drug cartels?

  6. Short answer: She died the night she lost the election, but those guys at Disney animatronics have really done yeoman’s work keeping her upright and moving forward

  7. How many times a week and on how many continents has she a pity party? She is fueled by hate.

    Does she still carry hot sauce in her purse? (we never see her with a purse) Has she gone to a black church since losing?

    Valjayjay would have been president again.

  8. I’m not buying anything this lying sack of excrement does or says…There is nothing wrong with this charlatan … it’s all part of her “Too Sick to Jail” routine if the Deep State goes south.

  9. She’s a damn drunken feckless c*nt and the back brace is because she gets so shitfaced every night that she’s fallen over every piece of furniture in her house.
    I can’t wait until one of her ‘exercise machines’ turns on her and punches her right in her wrinkled wine hole.

  10. Outside of the entertainment value, do you really care?
    I mean, seriously, would you miss her?
    Kinda get the feeling that if she just died tomorrow the whole world would heave a great sigh of relief. The FBI could get back to watching kiddie-porn on their computers, Sessions could concentrate on whatever it is he concentrates on, the NSA and CIA wouldn’t have to worry about her running her mouth, the Haitians would get a break from having to pay extortion, as would the Russians and the Chinese, the Demonrats could turn their attention to ridding themselves of Pelosi, Waters, Ellison, Washerwoman-Schlutz, and some other embarrassments, and the media could get back to concocting stupid lies about everything else.

    So, geez, lady … just die already … and give everybody a break!

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. “Yes sir, may I help you?”
    “I’d like a large donkey ass and a Coke please…. Oh, and hold the feck!”
    “No problem sir, that’ll be 10 million dollars”

  12. I just wish one of our creative types would take Weekend at Bernies and photoshop her into it…. especially the scene where Bernie falls out of the back of the boat and they keep running him into the buoys, gonging loudly….

  13. That hump is the rigid edge of her foam body stocking, its supposed to keep her head from splitting open. So from now on, when she goes down, she’ll just bounce

  14. How about this:

    The oddly-shaped apparatus beneath her clothing is a reinforced high-velocity flak vest. Why? After failing to score the presidency for her, the media, CIA, FBI and DoJ were put on notice by Clinton: they owe her big time, and they must pay off their debt by either destroying Trump, or by making a blood payment in their local public park. She stays in the public eye to keep the heat on her debtors. She wears the flak vest in case anyone tries to “cancel the debt”.

  15. Maybe she’s a giant ladybug and she’s hiding her wings?
    I say she has a back brace. She must have fallen again and torqued something. Maybe her tail? lol

  16. I think minamilly she has nueropoethy (sp) in her legs and feet. Comes from drinking and other medical afflictions. Also genes. Mom has it and while she did drink beer, she was not an alcoholic. Her health is really bad and thank goodness we avoided that mess of a person. Go Trump!

  17. Ah, the old Fleet Enema yoga pose. She did say she “retained” those in her personal emails right?

  18. I’m just terribly pleased to see the word ‘feckless’ making a comeback. Always liked that one.

  19. I agree, Lowell
    In case there’s any uncertainty that it’s a spot-on adjective in describing hitlery;
    useless, worthless, incompetent, inept, good-for-nothing, ne’er-do-well; lazy, idle, slothful, indolent, irresponsible, shiftless; informal,no-good, no-account

  20. “Hillary….your Life Alert button is for serious emergencies, not for us to bring you another drink…”

  21. I think she’s keeping a lot of cash and White House dishes and furniture in there in case she needs to get out town quick.

  22. @Lowell and CC: There’s another good one that should be brought back – Vapid :
    offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging.
    synonyms: insipid · uninspired · colorless · uninteresting · feeble · flat · dead · dull · boring · tedious · tired · unexciting · uninspiring · unimaginative · lifeless · zestless · spiritless · sterile · anemic · tame · bloodless · jejune · vacuous · bland · stale · trite · pallid · wishy-washy · watery · tasteless · milk-and-water · flavorless. Vapid doesn’t quite adequately capture the vile nastiness of her but it would suffice for part of an accurate description.

  23. I saw her latest book on a bookshelf in a thrift store the other day for $2. I’ll go back next week and see if it’s still there. I did pick it up and opened it to see if it’s signed. Nope.


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