What’s Kraken?


By Clarice Feldman

A couple of nights ago on Lou Dobbs’s show, President Trump’s (and General Michael Flynn’s) lawyer Sidney Powell suggested there was massive fraud in the  presidential election vote tabulations. She said she was about to “release the Kraken.” Lin Wood, the other most prominent Trump election counsel, suggested much the same explosion of evidence establishing the presidential vote tabulations were manipulated.

There was a  bizarre switch on election eve. As vote counting suddenly and oddly was halted in several key states, the tallies, which had shown that a substantial victory was in the offing for the President, suddenly — and statistically impossibly — ran up huge numbers for Biden and away from Trump. This certainly creates an impression that the shift was the result of theft.

Other indications besides the statements of these lawyers (the analyses by statisticians, the hundreds of sworn affidavits by poll watchers) who certainly would  not risk their reputations on baseless charges of such significance, suggest that the counting was seriously flawed and likely tampered with.

By whom and how the evidence of it was obtained remains unclear, but as this is likely to be a continuing issue, I’d like to share what I have been able to find through the work of numerous online commenters and researchers .


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  1. Looks like we’ll soon see this Kraken – and find out IF it’s all it’s Kracked up to be – the monster with a nasty attitude, fighting for the good guys as hyped. Or a monster lacking; claws, teeth, fire, and – another false hope.

    AT – [Sidney Powell gives details about the election fraud Kraken]
    – By Andrea Widburg – November 16, 2020

    “..On Sunday, Powell spelled out what this Trump Kraken looks like – ….

    Additionally, after the interview, Powell tweeted that Trump has given her team the go-ahead to expose the fraud: …”

    I’d prefer – go-ahead release the Kraken – restore the reelection of PDJT to serve his consecutive term.

    https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/11/sidney_powell_gives_details_about_the_election_fraud_kraken.html .

  2. Full Auto – afaik, the DOJ has nothing to do with Sidney Powell’s fraud Kraken. The DOJ has firmly established itself as largely a do-nothing department that if eliminated the biggest thing noticed would be the taxpayer-money saved by it’s elimination. Teaming the DOJ with Sidney Powell’s team would no doubt weaken it. There’s not a smidgen of DOJ DNA on Sidney’s team – including in her frightful friend, the fraud Kraken. That alone, right off the bat, increases her team’s chances for success. However, the fraud Kraken must be real, effective, successful over running corrupt judges, and not just a scary story.

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