What’s Nancy’s nickname?

Patriot Retort: Last night on Twitter, Eddie Zipperer was asking for Trump-style nicknames for Speaker of the House, mumble-mouth Nancy Pelosi.  My suggestion was Sputtering Nance.

This woman can barely make it through a four-word sentence without tripping over every syllable.

Sputtering Nance seems entirely appropriate.

In fact, on his show last night, Mark Levin did a segment on the absolute irony of Sputtering Nance expressing concern for President Trump’s state of mind.

That’s like Harvey Weinstein expressing concern over Mike Pence’s treatment of women.

And in this segment (which you can hear over at Conservative Review), Levin played a soundbite where Sputtering Nance was struggling to say the phrase “we can walk and chew gum at the same time.”

Only what she ended up saying was “We can walk and chew dung … uh gum … at the same time.”

Oh, honey. You can’t even stand and speak words at the same time, I’m thinking simultaneous walking and gum-chewing is quite beyond your capabilities.

Now this gradual devolving of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi into Sputtering Nance isn’t new.

It’s been going on for years.

Although, it does seem to be getting steadily worse over the last couple.

Kyle Olson over at The American Mirror has been chronicling the decline of Sputtering Nance for quite some time now. You could almost say it’s a cottage industry for him.

In 2017, I referred to Nancy as a Crazy Shopping Cart Lady.  And it’s only gotten worse since then.

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  1. ^^ Wuzn’t that the Reno from Planet Janet moniker?
    Whut we need today (besides a good 5 cent cigar) is a female Norm Crosby to do impressions of her.

  2. Everyone that I’ve ever seen with Tourettes was a raving maniac. I was in downtown Spokane making deliveries back in the early 90’s and a crazy guy was screaming his head off with every obscenity known to man and a poor teacher with a group of small kids had to steer them away from this nut. It was funny and not funny but the kids managed to avoid the crazy guy with the teachers help.

  3. A famous Thai restaurant in San Fransico just named a new dish after her….it’s called “PHUH?”….It’s made of luke warm bath water after you dip a chihuahua in it…..

  4. SCoaMF 2.0

    Stuttering ClusterF_ck of a Miserable Failure Two-point-oh

    Oh-Bummer was One-point-oh.

  5. DNCmsNBCNN is attempting to preempt this by creating and releasing their own doctored drunk Nancy videos, ala commode central daily shows, and then blaming it on Trump. Typical democrat campaign style dirty tricksters. This summer will be full of them.

    But the ARChived TV TIME Stamp and Date OFFICIAL Record Recordings from Ancient TV History Vaults will always be there. The Internets are forever.

  6. A person holding the title SPEAKER of the house who can’t string together two coherent sentences?!?! Queen of the Democrats, living in irony in pride for the rules don’t apply to the chosen. Chosen by the great Deceiver that is…

  7. Nancy Pathogenesis

    BTW, this qkhunt ranks with the MTE, Swinestink and Marxine Waters.

    Vile, evil, destroyer communists.

  8. “Nearly Normal Nancy”

    Hat tip to Author G.M. Ford for His character “Nearly Normal Norman”

  9. Irreverent CUNT,
    always was, always has been,
    In the name of her murderous father, smuck bodyguard and holy ghost F*ucking bishop,


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