What’s next on the left’s plate? Cannibalism

The left’s not nearly done smashing silly taboos that silly people have erected. They wake up every day thinking about convention, and how to undo it. To them this is the height of intellectualism. It’s actually the height of a$$holism.

Richard Dawkins Wants to Eat Human “Meat” to “Overcome Our Taboo Against Cannibalism.”


Richard Dawkins, the (in)famous atheism proselytizer, has mused about eating human meat.
No, he doesn’t want to join the Donner Party. Researchers may soon be able to manufacture meat from cell lines in the lab, and Dawkins has suggested in a tweet that we could ‘overcome our taboo’ by eating human flesh so manufactured...
Cannibalism is profoundly immoral in Western culture — absent absolute necessity, such as when members of the Donner Party consumed their already deceased co-travelers to stay alive — because it denies human exceptionalism and the unique dignity and meaning of human life.
This view extends even to those who have died, which is why we treat the deceased in a respectful manner and why desecrating the dead is considered to be immoral and is against the law — even in war.
Dawkins, of course, rejects the concept, considering it ‘speciesist,’ e.g., discrimination against animals. He thinks we are just a collection of carbon molecules and certainly of no intrinsic value simply and merely because we are human… 

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25 Comments on What’s next on the left’s plate? Cannibalism

  1. Good way to put all those abortions to work.
    Open a chain of Diners.
    Could include all those disabled, retards, and other “useless eaters,” too.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I thought we have already started to cross that line with Spirit Cooking.

    Seriously, anything to debase humanity. If we are not created in God’s image (evolution’s premise), we are no better than animals.

  3. The left pushes anything that generates disgust, and then makes it illegal or at the least life destroyingly costly to avoid. They are vile diseased vermin.

  4. There is no prohibition in the Old Testament law against cannibalism, as far as I can recall, but only because it was unthinkable and didn’t need saying. Correct me if I’m wrong on that.


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