What’s that hole in Hillary’s tongue?

Welcome American Thinker readers. Here’s an update. I took a look at some biopsy pictures on the internet.

I found this —-> http://imgur.com/gallery/oPm0W 

It looks exactly like the anomaly on Hillary’s tongue.


ht/ Reddecaesari

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  1. They’ve almost got the fork sewn together. Only one more surgery tonight after her speech, follwed by a week in the bunker to recover. We should her from her again by next Friday at the latest.

  2. I’m sorry, the vision of Huma and a tongue-piercing is too hideous to contemplate. It’s lizard-woman for me.

  3. There’s something not right about those two figures on the DNC stage last night. I mean REALLY not normal. My gut tells me they were beneath a lot of make-up or that they were CIA stand-ins. (Don’t laugh)

    Where in Hell did all those Obama signs come from? Why would the DNC supply them?

    Aside from the paid seat-fillers replacing the Sanders folks, I suspect there was a lot of fakery, electronic and otherwise, going into American homes last night.

    Kinda scary.

  4. This Clinton-0bama alliance smells and feels like the Hitler-Stalin “non-aggression” pact. They’ve each got so much on the other…

    The body language and the FORCED jocularity was downright creepy. I bet they both bathed with Clorox after they left last night.

  5. Really? She is the most indictable woman in the history of politics and you are worried about her tongue! Honestly this makes us look petty and small. I am all about her defeat and banishment to the dustbin of history or even Leavenworth , but this is not how to get either of those options completed.

  6. It’s most likely a lesion from HPV (genital wart on the tongue) like Michael Douglas had and boasted was from mouth-to-genital activity.

  7. If you have read Ed Klein’s book BLOOD FEUD, you know this is either a big charade, or there’s a sinister plan afoot.

    Either way, America is fcuked. 🙁

  8. Her mouth it just like every single democrat. Wide open and spewing shit. If you’ve ever been to an auction with an overly loud auctioneer, after listening to the cadence for a good 6 hours, the trip home is exhausting because someone has been yelling at you all day long. Pick any 15 minutes of this convention and it’s the same exhausted feeling that comes on quicker due to the overwhelming lies that accompanies the yelling in a typical distasteful manner. How any of the media says any of this convention is even remotely “good” is clear cut proof of bias.

  9. I wish it were a bullet hole that continued all the way out the top of her head.
    Hopefully we’ll witness that right after Trump is sworn in.

  10. Obama looks like he just came from Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. I read about all the speakers being made up to the max, but he and Bill Clinton just look creepy. More creepy than usual, that is.

    As for Hillary’s tongue, one would have to be an expert in alien life to know what that is.

  11. “With all due respect, the fact is, she has a hole in her tongue. Was it because of her diseased bodily decay or because she and the girls went out for a walk one night and decided to pierce their tongues. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  12. No idea what it really is but I believe it looks like cancer surgery. I also believe in praying for my enemies.

    If enough of us pray, the cancer could spread overnight taking her quickly and prevent much suffering.

    To be clear – our suffering.

  13. What is more disturbing about that photo is the amount of makeup on Obozo! He looks like a black Max Headroom.

  14. @Candygram for Mongo: Well, it wasn’t a breathing tube after all. But my guess was in the ballpark.


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