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What’s The Difference Between An Abortion And Shooting A Puppy In the Head?

To executive producer for the HBO series “Girls,” Judd Apatow, both acts would be just as jarring to a TV audience.

That’s why he talked the show’s writers into delaying  an abortion storyline from the pilot episode to the second and waited until the fourth season before having one of the main characters undergo one.


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  1. That is the sickest thing I’ve ever seen on TV. Normalizing abortion and psychopathic behavior all in one scene.
    Reason number 50 million why I don’t have cable.

  2. What’s The Difference Between An Abortion And Shooting A Puppy In the Head?

    Planned Parenthood can’t illegally sell murdered puppy-parts for a huge profit to inconceivably unethical biotech corporations?

  3. the most delightful thing about the “entertainment” industry is the implosion, while they surround themselves with the brain-dead, fawning sycophants who have no life except that of the latest tabloid

    there is no talent

    there is no creativity

    they contribute nothing of worth

    they’ve run out of things to do, ways to attract an audience with half a brain

    in short, they’re tediously boring, so they poke, incite, provoke with animalistic, amoral behavior in a desperate plea for attention

    it’s all about meeeeeeee

    when the inside-and-out-ugly sorts such as lena dunham and the like become prominent in the news, it signals to us how low we have come, like a barometer signals the impending storm

    i am enjoying their demise, it is well-deserved, good riddance

  4. Mention in passing to any verified pro-abort of your acquaintance, in casual conversation, that your dog got in heat, escaped the yard and is now pregnant. Tell them you’re taking the dog to the vet to have the pups evacuated. Watch the look of utter horror on their faces.

  5. Last time the homeless dog people were collecting by Walmart, DH told them sorry, but his money goes to fight abortion. DH said the looks on their faces was shock.

  6. No one watches this show. If it wasn’t on far left subscriber revenue HBO it would have crashed and burned years ago. Funny how occasionally the left even admits their views are not at all mainstream.

  7. The difference is if you murder an abortionist people on both the left and the right will call for you to be arrested and face the full punishment allowed by the courts.

    If you shoot a vivisectionist the right will want you punished by the full weight of the law but the left will hail you a hero, riot to give you cover so you can escape; if you make it clear guaranteed trim from all the PETA babes for the rest of your free life. Just know any unwanted pregnancies and the PETA babe will be going down to the local PP to tear that baby limb from limb.

  8. Adam Carolla interviewed apatow last week. It was appalling how ignorant he was of basic political facts. He actually accused trump of being responsible for the “nuclear option”. He then went on to tell Adam about his many mental illnesses & what a mess he is. You’re be better off taking political advice from your average street person.

  9. Well, I mean, it’s all written by proven child molester and wanna-be man murderer Lena Dunham, who only got a ‘career’ of her choice because her parents bought it for the little bitch. What would one expect?

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