What’s the Leftist Phrase For a Mexican Uncle Tom?

I’m not a racist, so I don’t have these phrases at my fingertips. I wonder if the left has a phrase for a Mexican Uncle Tom, because this guy is getting the “you’ve wandered off the plantation” treatment on social media.

 Gateway Pundit —  Since his video went viral a small number of Republican hispanics and American patriots have banded together to take a pledge…
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  1. Back in the day, and Chicano who wasn’t down “with the struggle” was called a Tio Taco. Literally, “Uncle Taco”.

  2. Fajitas, Enchiladas, Fish Tacos, Uncle Ben’s Rice… (and a lot more)… Are not Mexican foods. It’s Mexicans appropriating other cultures.

  3. The term is coconut: brown on the outside, white on the inside. The cholas used to call me this because I did well in school, had white friends, and didn’t pluck out all of my eyebrows and draw them back on with a Sharpie.

    [Long time lurker, first time poster]

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