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What’s the name of this church?

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  1. Kentucky Fried Church.
    You are looking at the unintended consequences of value engineering. Sure, just take those round mosaics out of the plan and replace them with small windows and big frames… No one will notice the difference.

  2. I know it looks like a chicken but in today’s times a man can go in a women’s restroom dressed as a woman. I don’t know what to believe with my own eyes anymore.

  3. Reminds me of the overhead Google Earth pic of a churchs’ roof that looked like 2 balls and a sagging dick. Heads up, most architects are insufferable leftists. Keep that in mind when you assign one to design your next McMansion.

  4. I bet they got those little carnival ducks that you pick up & look underneath to see if you won a prize in their Baptismal Pool
    … speaking of Baptisms, it’s like water off a duck’s back
    … they don’t serve Communion Wafers, they use Quackers
    … the Priest blesses everyone by putting his hand on their heads & proclaims, “Duck, Duck, Duck …. Goose!”. Then he runs back to the podium.
    … & children are taught to be quiet, with not a peep out of them
    … where going duck hunting is downright fowl … (get it?)
    … & watching ‘Duck Dynasty’ is a Sunday School lesson

    Ok, I’m done ….

    … & Donald Duck is Patron Saint (even if he don’t wear pants)
    … & Howard the Duck is know as ‘The Next Level’

    (I blame all of this on a strict ‘Hellfire & Brimstone’ Baptist upbringing & watching too many Merrie Melodies cartoons as a youth)

  5. Probably shoulda thought these through knowing I can’t delete a comment!!! Fur if you would. delete those inbetweeners!!!!

  6. Why did the chicken church cross the road?
    ……..Because of the tornado on the other side.

  7. I don’t care what you call it, but for some reason you get really hungry during attendance or driving by.

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