What’s up with Comey?

American Thinker:

Comey’s Game

It is very strange, but it seems almost everything in recent American political history translates out to the FBI not functioning as it should.  While certainly this is because of a type of political correctness, it is proximately caused by the conscious or unconscious bias of its former director, James Comey, and his being in denial of that bias.

The criminal investigation of Mrs. Clinton for violation of the espionage statute was sabotaged by Obama’s Justice Department.  No subpoenas were issued.  (The FBI cannot issue grand jury subpoenas; only the Justice Department can.)  This is completely not normal; in such a case the FBI cannot work as it should.

The non-issuance of subpoenas by the Justice Department cannot have merely happened, as if by some freak of nature.  It is an execrable act that fairly can be said to constitute sabotage, and indeed if anything in recent months has constituted obstruction of justice, this is it.  Largely, but not solely, because of this, the FBI’s investigation was a sham, unprecedentedly fake, truncated, and weird.

Then-director Comey should have made this public and most certainly should have resigned in protest.  Yet because Comey did not, the fact that the investigation was a sham, that it was obstructed, if not in a legal, then in a descriptive sense, and that it was, yes, a fake Potemkin village sort of investigation was not apparent to the American public.  more here

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  1. They system is broken and the good faith the FBI enjoyed from the citizens is evaporating.

    To restore the good faith and to fix the system every single person who was in on Hillary’s emails and every single person who has leaked classified information both on Obama’s watch and today need to be investigated and charged to the fullest of the law regardless of who they are, who they are married to or how much money they have.

    I keep thinking about Scooter Libby who was guilty of “inconsistent statements” to the FBI.

    Bring the smack down = phase one of draining the swamp. Let the draining commence.

  2. The DOJ and FBI cast aside their responsibilities as Chief Law Enforcement Officials for political and personal purposes.

    The fact remains the investigations of the IRS and Hillary Clinton were shams. When will the Department of Justice perform a thorough and non-partisan investigation?
    Are they to be trusted to administer the law equally and impartially?

  3. You just inherently know that Comey’s armpits smell of mothballs a and 3 day old lavender toilet water….

  4. But Comey wasn’t running the FBI, he was running the Federal Bureau of Matters.

    Also, his statement that the White House lied when it said there was poor leadership at the FBI. Saying the leadership is poor is an opinion, and opinions are not lies. You may disagree with them, but for Comey to claim that the White House lied and he was sorry the FBI employees had to hear those lies, boo hoo hoo. Go change your tampon.

  5. Trump could end a good bit of the problems that we are having by charging Hillary and most of the Obama administration. This would get the focus off him, scare the little girly men Republicans, and get his agenda moving.

  6. Yes, Putin just offered Comey “political asylum” in Russia. On the same terms as Snowdon.
    So Comey has that to fall back on.

    Trump should dissolve the Mueller investigation since Comey’s testimony cleared Trump completely.
    Then form a new team to go after Clinton, Lynch etc. As promised.

    Lock her up. Lock them all up.
    Put the Left in defensive. Send the rats scurrying to hide, and eager to cut a deal by ratting out the bigger rats.
    One of which will be James Comey.

  7. I was shocked from this article that not one grand jury subpoena was issued for the Hillary e-mail investigation even after indictable evidence was found. That is textbook obstruction of justice from Attorney General Lynch right there, and Comey’s recollection of Lynch’s “stony silence” corroborates that. That is un-fucking-believable given how Trump is being treated for merely saying he “hoped” a nowhere investigation would be treated the way Hillary’s was.

    Trump is so right. It’s a rigged fucking system run by hypocritical assholes like Comey and Mueller who pursue outsiders like Trump like he was Jean Valjean and they were Inspector Javert. Meanwhile, insiders like Hillary and Lynch get a pass on things that are obviously criminal. Fuck this shit.

  8. david7134 is right. If we here at iotw, the American Thinker and other conservative websites can see what needs to be done why in the hell can’t the DOJ and congress?
    I can’t believe this admin is letting the dems control the agenda. We should be seeing massive stacks of subpoenas for past admin officials.

  9. thanks to Comey, Obama, Jarrett, Clinton, et al …. the politicization of the FBI is complete

    Fucked up Beyond Incompetent

  10. Dear diary,
    Sorry I’ve neglected you since my last entry on 6/8/17. I thought I f**ked up when I told the mostest important people of congress that Trump had been mean to me. But with my friends at the NYT/WaPo and Bobby Mueller, rooting for me, I think I’ll be ok.
    If anyone at the DOJ has bigger ballz than me and decides to indict me, do you think I should accept Vlads invitation?
    Love, Jimmy

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