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What’s Up With DeSantis?

Mike Lindell: Fixing Voting Machine Fraud Needs To Be Governor’s Top Priority.
h/t Brad.

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  1. Lindell went on Jimmy Kimmel last week and appeared in a fucking carny game.
    Allowed Kimmel to mock him while Mike looked like a total buffoon.
    Of course they wouldn’t have aired it otherwise.

    Mike, what exactly is “deplimation”? Never heard of it.

    Hey Mike, FLORIDA has the most secure elections in the nation.
    Trump WON Florida by 3 points, so Dominion is NOT a fucking problem there you ignorant douchebag.

    PS, glad I never bought shit from that drug addict shill.

  2. Brad, Christina Pushaw and co, who work for DeSantis are doing it right.
    They are allowing DeSantis to live rent-free in Mar-A-Lago and not bothering with the flailing orange man.

    I’m here for the good of the country, not one butthurt man’s ego.
    Deal with it.

  3. Honestly, of all the shit going on with the country, chinky Red Zeppelin allowed to travers the USA before spying the stairway to heaven, an old fool lying his ass off at the SoTU, borders wide open, fentanyl, 87,000 new IRS agents, inflation, war on oil, food prices, race wars, insane men who want to be women, a transportation secretary that is determined to crash airplanes into each other over equity… AND YET, GOING AFTER the ONLY STATE YOU CAN TRUST FOR VOTING, AND THE ONLY GOVERNOR WHO TOOK ON FAUCI, CRT, BLM, DISNEY, WOKE INC, EQUITY, SCHOOL BOARDS & UNIONS!!!!

    BTW, Florida does NOT allow ballot harvesting so fuck away Mike Lindell.
    Good Lord!

    Someone make it make sense!!!!

  4. Apparently, there are a lot of things you have not heard of LocoBlancoSaltine. Trump will win is one of them. With Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan supporting Ronny De, it’s just a matter of time until he is outed and shot down by Trump. Bigly. You not gonna support the best President in your lifetime when he wins the nomination??? Try to use logic if you can.

  5. dman, all it will take for me to NEVER vote for Trump again is for him to attack Ron DeSantis’s wife.
    I hope he doesn’t but damn, Ron hasn’t even declared yet.

    Trump does that and I will actively campaign against him.

    BTW, Logic to me is that DeSantis won the state by 20 points.
    That is called IRREFUTABLE!

  6. Seriously, did Don hire a democrat campaign strategist?
    You cannot differentiate a recent Trump post with those from MSNBC.
    You can’t.

    Honestly, he is doing some ridiculous shit and I want to know why?

    He comes off desperate and foolish.
    He is now the embodiment of fake news.
    I am flabbergasted.

    You guys think I am alone in these thoughts but damn, you & DJT are in for a very rude awakening if he doesn’t change course and go after an actual enemy of the people. Not a beloved governor.

  7. BTW, saying “so and so supports RDS so therefore he is a bad guy…”
    is such a democrat tactic I can’t even believe you guys are buying into it.
    Damn is all I can say…DAMN!

    Did you fall for the “fine people” bullshit?
    Of course you didn’t.
    Ask yourself, why are you now?

  8. Here’s Laura Loomer on DeSantis. Laura is one of us. So I take this much more seriously than something I would view on any network. DeSantis is not who he says he is. And Loco gets paid in Dick pics.


  9. Laura Loomer?
    You just showed your cards and have absolutely NOTHING!

    Laura Loomer is BATSHIT CRAZY!
    Sorry, but she is just like Sydney and her Kraken.

    For anyone out there who doesn’t know, that woman is like every ex-wife you could imagine…on steroids.
    Laura Loomer is Brad’s White Knight!
    Are you trolling me Brad?
    You cannot be THAT gullible!?

    If Loomer is all you have man… so sad.

  10. Repeat after me Brad:

    47th President of the United States of America… Ron DeSantis

    Seriously though, I would be fine with him finishing his term as Florida governor.
    Thing is, with Trump imploding into the Maelstrom of ignorance and fear, it’s gonna make RDS run in 2024.
    It’s the only way now.
    We can’t trust Trump.
    I had such high hopes after the Mar-a-Lago raid.
    Trump had the high ground.

  11. Sadly though, your hero couldn’t even win in a Florida Red-wave:
    BTW, Did I mention DeSantis won by 20 points?

    Laura Elizabeth Loomer is an American far-right and anti-Muslim political activist, white nationalist, conspiracy theorist, and internet personality.
    She was the Republican nominee to represent Florida’s 21st congressional district in the 2020 United States House of Representatives elections, losing to Democrat Lois Frankel.

  12. Question:
    Why does Rumble, which considers itself a freedom site, require me to “sign in” simply TO VIEW comments?
    TO VIEW comments I must sign in?
    YouTube doesn’t require that.
    Serious question.
    Come on Rumble.
    I may create an ID just to see how many people are bashing Lindell.
    Might be worth it.

  13. Brad, I’ve only posted 17 times on this thread.

    Just getting my point across and countering disinformation.

    BTW, I don’t hate you Brad.
    I truly don’t.
    I hate leftists, which I know you are not one.
    You can continue to despise me, that is OK.
    One day you may realize that Loco knows his shit.

  14. The Intercept piece reveals the same sketcky politics by DeSantis that permeates this country. There’s an innocent elderly man on prison’s doorsteps because of Ron. And degrading a solid like Laura Loomer is disgusting. Same with Mike, another true patriot.

    Fact is DeSantis is being groomed by the same never Trumpers we’ve been fighting. The Gov is following the exact identical path that Jeb! was on in 2016 with the exact same billionaire globalist donors. Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Tim Scott et.al. are the Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and John Kasich of this primary. All of them are cannon fodder to get DeSantis the nomination. Once he’s got it, it doesn’t matter to these shady fucks because either party’s entry will be doing their bidding. Only DJT is the one that will gum up their shit. He’s Main Street, America first, not DeSantis.

    Pointing this out doesn’t undercut most of the fine policy moves the Gov has made but he is being used and obviously he knows it. Further if Mike Lindell is saying there’s something fishy going on, the very least I’ll do is read further as I trust him. Has he been wrong about any of the election fraud he’s already pointed out? His money paid for the brains that discovered the same algorithms in voter counts across the nation. A fact that it’s impossible to conclude anything but machine manipulation yet it was ignored.

    I don’t understand why anyone would slam solids like Laura or Mike rather then give them the benefit of doubt. Did you read the Intercept piece Brad linked? Not a pretty picture. Have you seen Laura doing what she does best? Batshit crazy?? Wow.

  15. The election is in November of 2024. I think I’ll wait until that day approaches before I can make a informed decision.

  16. If DeSantis runs he’s a liar.
    He said he would finish his term as Governor and not run.
    He also said George HW Bush is the most inspirational man he’s ever met.
    Sure he’s doing quite well in FL. Maybe Governor is where he should stay. Unless he proves he’s not subject to the influence and money of the swamp I won’t vote for him.

  17. Loco is a troll named Jeffery.

    And Sundance IIRC noted that DeSantis has a donor who is part of the Davos crowd. Doesn’t care about social issues, but apparently Ron sees eye to eye with the Slob on bringing US into the Davos economic orbit.

    Do some homework.

  18. Loco, shoot me an email;


    I would remind everyone here that we are all on the same side. This is so nucking futs, DeSantis has not even declared yet and all the knives are out. Maybe this is why we can’t win any elections, people get so butt hurt,”If it’s not guy then I’m staying home”.

    I wonder if lefty sites have the same acrimony problem. They all seem so united and speak with one voice, maybe that’s why they get shit done.

    Obviously, you guys can do whatever the fuck you want but I don’t think it is constructive (or even conservative) to indulge in invectives with each other. The politicians are fair game but we all share a common goal and a belief system. The libs are the enemy, the destroyers of all that is good and right, they deserve the animus and ridicule.

  19. Sounds like someone picked open a scab!
    For now I’m sticking with “Look at what they do, not what they say”
    Politics is a hot bed of vitriol, most of it bullshit. Actions are the only thing that counts.

  20. The REAL question is:

    “Can Desantis take the kind of punishment Trump has had to endure and to continually fight back, non-stop, since running and winning the first time around?”

    We already know what to expect with Trump. It’s a gamble versus a sure thing with DeSantis.

  21. Desantis has been too close to the Bush outfit for too long for me. Fool me once… It will take at least another term as Fla Governor before will I give Desantis the benefit of the doubt.

  22. The reason Don was not nerly as goo as Ronny was Don’s blunders!

    Here are some of his worst SOME, FR FROM ALL:
    Elaine Chow. ok. Chao
    Mike Pence
    Bill Barr
    Mark Miley

    All the above are Bush Republicans and all did, and still are, working against Don.
    The Buh Republicans he gave power to kept him from being a great success!

    DON WAS/IS KTHE BEST PRESIDENT SINCE RONNY. BY FAR! But not nearly as good because of his awful blunders. Primarily Bush Republicans GO BACK TO MY LIST OF LEFTIES.

  23. @ an ol exJarhead FEBRUARY 9, 2023 AT 12:54 PM

    If it were to for the Bush element the country would be in much better off today. Collectively they have been one of the most destructive elements to the body politic in the history of the United States.

  24. Beachmom, please find me the link where RDS says:
    “He said he would finish his term as Governor and not run.”

    I’ll save you time, he NEVER said that.
    He was asked in the debate with the other orange man and demurred.

  25. Please name for me a Bush, ANY Bush, Jeb, W, H.W. that has taken on:

    The Trump admin with covid
    The biden* admin
    The LGBTQ mafia
    The BLM mafia
    The Trans mafia
    The Disney mafia
    Big Tech mafia
    Hurricane Ian

    Ron DeSantis absolutely took these on and he did all this prior to an election.
    There isn’t a governor in American history with balls that big.

    Calling him Jeb! shows how desperate and ridiculous you are.
    It won’t work on him.

    PS, Trump actually admitted that he didn’t fire Fauci because the MSM would “howl.”
    Reality is a rude bitch.

  26. The question we should ask is why doesn’t the Gov just sit this one out. He’ll still be a very young man in 2028 and it will eliminate the strife that his running is sure to cause.

    The fact is he can’t. TPTB like Phil Anschutz, Karl Rove, Sulzberger, Kristol, Paul Ryan…these assholes and plenty more that are smart enough to fly under the radar, know that there are huge stakes to be won by getting a globalist in the WH.

    Isn’t anyone getting deja vu feeling about DeSantis? The Republican Party “club” engineered McCain, Bush and Romney into their nominations. I sure as fuck hated voting for McCain(I always told myself, I voted for Sarah) and Romney. I admit at the time I had a favorable impression of W. Boy talk about being wrong. Well they’re engineering DeSantis as well and like always, what the base wants is 100% irrelevant.

    McConnell figures that when we are confronted with a choice between Ron and Newsome, he’s got us by the ballz. But either way for him and his ilk, it doesn’t matter who is in the WH. The Money Train rolls on. Our only chance is to get DJT the nomination and these scumbags will not be caught off guard again like in 2016(see the 2020 election results if you doubt me)

    Which leads me to of course the elephant in the room, and the main point of this post, is unless there is vote counting reform, DJT goes down in 2024.

  27. It’s so weird, many on here think four more years of Trump and it’s job done.
    We are gonna need at least a decade of leadership.
    Trump will enter as an embattled, hated by many, lame duck.
    It will be four years of chaos.
    The swamp will NOT be drained no matter who gets in there.

    MMinWA, you say they are engineering DeSantis.
    That is pure democrat talking points.

    I do agree with your last paragraph.
    If vote reform isn’t done Trump won’t win.

    So why did Lindell go after a state that Trump won in 2016 & 2020 and wasn’t stolen?
    No eyes on the prize, that is what makes his comments so outrageous.
    Hey Mike, GA, PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ is where you need to be…

  28. And please don’t get me started on Laura Loomer.
    She is just like Alex Jones.
    Throw a bunch of conspiracies at the wall and see what sticks.
    They both get some things right but damn, when they are wrong they are DEAD wrong and won’t admit they are wrong.
    We end up with these types on our side.
    They get something correct and we cheer, then they turn around and say batshit crazy stuff.
    Loomer didn’t win her Florida race because the red-wave voters knew she was a nutjob.

  29. I posted a comment this morning but it went to “moderation hell” never to be heard from again.

    “The question we should ask is why doesn’t the Gov just sit this one out”

    Why should he? Maybe he feels the same urgency as I do, that the country is already on the brink and waiting 4 more years is not an option. Are you saying we should all just bow down to DJT and allow him to do whatever he wants in the fashion that he wants? He has to earn it like everyone else.

    “Isn’t anyone getting deja vu feeling about DeSantis?”

    I’m not, simply because I don’t listen to what they say, I pay attention to what they do, and when he does good stuff I will support him.

    TBH, I’m surprised some here are so skeptical/hateful of what he has done in Florida. Is there a better-run state in the union? Of course, he hasn’t even declared yet, too busy smacking the woke freaks all over his state.

    I will support whoever gets it, but I would remind everyone that we are all on the same side, it is the libs that have poisoned the well and turned the nation into mindless weak incompetent adolescents.

  30. I suggest that before speaking about the accomplishments of ANY state’s govs, you all go read the actual bills and legislation on the dock.

    You may be surprised how ‘half assed’ the bills or proposed legislations are.

    You know politicians are mostly for ‘show’ not ‘do.’

    Don’t go by what the media is telling you.
    Not even right media.

    Don’t get too hot and bothered or cultish and clingy with ANY candidate. You’ll get pulled down with their ropes every single time.

  31. ” Are you saying we should all just bow down to DJT and allow him to do whatever he wants in the fashion that he wants? ”

    That’s a weird thing to type. Don’t vote for him.

  32. “Florida Republicans outnumber Democrats by 400,000+, have extended their lead by more than 100,000 since the 2022 election”

    This is how it’s done.
    Get out the voters, get out the vote.
    Get lawmakers in that will ban ballot harvesting.
    Focus on the states that flip to dem at 2AM on election night and others that take a week to count votes.
    Everything else is just political noise.

  33. That reminds me. Have you all looked at your health services on your dot gov websites?

    You should really know which of your state constitutions mandates forced vaccines.
    (even the RED ones)

    You know Coronavirus X will be here soon. You better get ahead of it.

  34. It’s cute how we all think we’re going to ‘vote’ anyway.
    Only the states whose counties eliminated the machines will be voting.

  35. One thing to consider is the addition of Electoral College votes for red states and the subtraction in blue states due to population relocation.

    It may make up for Nevada & Arizona being permanently lost causes due to stolen elections.
    Imagine not having to wait two weeks while Arizona determines the president?

  36. What do you want out of a conservative president. Assuming we could get a fair election. I know what I want. I want the deep state destroyed. That’s paramount. Otherwise our freedoms will continue to erode and we will all be speak mandarin in 10 years.
    In my mind the guy that’s by far got the best chance of putting a dent in the deep state is DJT. He’s been through the ringer with them, had an election stolen. He’s pissed and motivated. After Trump, who knows.

  37. MJA

    With that floppy ass hair cut he’s got he’s look right at home carrying a skate board. A pink mole with a skate board.

  38. You need to buy a clue Rich. DeSantis is running, I’m surprised you can’t see it.

    I’ll remind everyone as well that if you support a candidate that is being maneuvered by globalists, expect the same fucking that W, Obama and Biden have given us. DeSantis’ donors like to Koch Bros expect payback and that always comes out of our asses.

  39. It’s so obvious he’s running, I’m amazed you question it.

    Yes he took on Disney, I said he’s done some great work in FL. None the less, his donors are globalists and they are controlling his roll out & will expect payback.

    People like the Club fo Growth who just blocked DJT from their big upcoming meeting. Gee you’d think the way DJT grew manufacturing and real wages, they’d be on board for DJT.

    But when you realize they’re for greater profits for the Koch Bros, Bezos, Legacy media, Big Pharma, the huge Agra conglomerates…and are responsible for the wholesale gutting of manufacturing with policies going back to HWB, than it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

    Do you want the same stagnant economy we had with past administrations? Endless wars? An open border? Well that’s what you get with globalists and they’ve got their money on Ron.

    Don’t the endorsements of Jeb! and Ryan for Ron give you pause. Are you down with a Bush supporting your guy?

  40. Or how about this fact? Almost 100% of the millions Ron has already amassed(not running???) has been donated by billionaire globalists. Compared to almost the reverse with DJT whose donors are overwhelmingly small donations.

    You’re not stupid, wake up. This is the same dilemma we’ve faced almost every election since 88. I am so done with that. If it means Newsome, so be it. I want the party to start anyway before I cross over.

  41. MMinWA

    To confirm your point. The RINOs and their donors hate MAGA.


  42. That analogy is spot-on.
    You are against someone based on who is supporting them.
    Same as he was.

    I don’t care if the KKK supported Trump, yet your logic would mean I am with the KKK.
    It takes money to run campaigns, doesn’t mean you are owned or owe anyone any favors when you get elected.
    *Exceptions if named biden*

  43. The Lincoln Project has said that “DeSantis will be worse than Trump.”
    So have many others.
    The View HATES DeSantis, including a woman who used to work for Trump and now stabs him in the back every chance she gets.

    Thing is, Trump would be fine with 4 years of him and then a return to 8 years of dems as long as his ego is stroked.

    You guys suffer from early signs of DeSantis Derangement Syndrome…

  44. If we had a primary vote right now between Trump and DeSantis I wouldn’t even hesitate for a second. Trump would have my vote.

  45. “The WEF agenda is dead on arrival in Florida.”

    RonDeSantisFL on “green” authoritarians: “They ultimately want to control the amount of energy you consume. So if everyone is on 1 system, they can throttle that…that’s the ultimate vision. And that does not fly in the state of Florida. We’re not gonna let that happen here.”

    That sound you hear is not a chinky spy balloon going boom, it’s simply the leftist narrative of some on this thread saying DeSantis is a globalist.

    You love to see it!

  46. It goes without question, DeSantis has been a fine governor for Florida. If I lived in Florida and DeSantis was on the ballot again for governor I’d vote for him in a second. That’s a good role for him, in 2028 he could be a worthy presidential candidate.

  47. joe6, I agree.
    I think Florida needs two full terms of RDS.
    It would be nice if the Florida senate terms lined up with 2026 so he could go from Governor to Senator, then years later President of the USA.

    Like many things, timing is everything so he may feel this is his best chance.
    He has not declared yet.
    Likely due to his young family. Not wanting to put them through the gauntlet.

    I’ve always said I will vote for Trump the third time.*
    I’ve recently amended that to a NEVER AGAIN if he say’s any negative word about Casey DeSantis.
    He tends to go after wives and she just got cleared of cancer.
    He would not only lose me, he would lose so many women voters he wouldn’t carry Florida.

  48. Your analogy is poor, actually beyond poor, because while your black dude is using a sweeping generalization i.e. racists, I’ve specifically named some pretty odious people and organizations that are supporting DeSantis.

    It’s akin to the constant refrain we here from the far left about the evils of white supremacy without citing any thing, simply condemning all white people. IOW you’re arguing like AOC.

    Ya see the diff Bucko?

  49. My analogy was textbook and you know it.
    You provide nothing.
    You named some people without actually proffering proof.
    You simply regurgitate democrat lies & talking points.

    DeSantis just today went after big Pharma.
    Yesterday it was the World Economic Forum.
    The day before he destroyed drag queens.
    If Trump was putting up these victories you would be saying “winning!”
    You simply cannot be honest.

    Florida is where woke goes to die but you keep on keepin’ on with your demspeak.
    Good luck with that.

  50. Also, let’s not forget that Trump backed the establishment Deep State Ronna McDaniel, the one that was universally despised on this site, while RDS backed Harmeet. Trump was also a big McCarthy backer as well. Not saying this is disqualifying but as MMinWA keeps trying to tell us, associations matter.


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