What’s Up With Nancy Pelosi’s Kid? – IOTW Report

What’s Up With Nancy Pelosi’s Kid?

There’s dirt on Nancy Pelosi’s son. Jesse Waters explains.

8 Comments on What’s Up With Nancy Pelosi’s Kid?

  1. No different than biden’s spawn
    Or Kerry’s kid
    Or Cheney’s kid
    Or the Bushes’ kids
    Or Obozo’s kids. OOOPS! Those aren’t his kids !

  2. Not all like Donny’s boys. Who all graduated from Trump University. All experts in duh & doh. A pile of bricks tain’t got nuttin on them.

  3. Should make you wonder,
    what the fuck does the opposition Party, the GOP, do with their time while the Left destroys the entire universe ????!

    If only they moved like an incontinent Jerry Nadler!

  4. The lack of consequences for the leftist corruption is self reinforcing and destructive to every element of our nation. The democrat party should have been RICOed back in BillyJeff’s first term, but our RINOs didn’t see the writing on the wall or if they did, they helped do that writing and enjoyed some of the benefits to their personal accounts.

    At this point we just stand and watch, knowing nothing will happen to the favored individuals in the mob.


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