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What’s wrong with Chicago???

TheWeek: The “City of the Big Shoulders” is buckling under the weight of major racial, political, and economic burdens. Here’s everything you need to know:


What’s wrong with Chicago?
For all its wonders — arts, jazz, classic architecture, a thriving restaurant scene, deep-dish pizza — the nation’s third-largest city is riddled with dysfunction. Chicago is “a fiscal basket case,” says urban analyst Aaron Renn, with a lower credit rating than any major metropolis except Detroit. The city’s 6.6 percent jobless rate ranks 51st — dead last — among metropolitan areas with more than 1 million residents. Its strapped school system seems perpetually on the verge of collapse, and last month teachers staged a one-day strike to protest closings and budget cuts.

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Chicago routinely ranks among the nation’s most politically corrupt cities, with a Democratic machine controlling City Hall for 90 years. That machine has incurred $20 billion in unfunded pension debt by giving generous public pensions to unions. But above all, what’s tearing at the city’s heart are crime, police brutality, and violence.  more here

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  1. I grew up in Chicago and still live here. Outside of the downtown area and a few wealthy enclaves the city is quickly turning into a third world sh*thole. Those of us not wealthy enough to live in Lincoln Park or Ravenswood manor are suffering the brunt of the city’s failed “Sanctuary City” policy. My once vibrant, safe community is now a run down, lawless place to live.

  2. The place has always been a shit hole, it’s just more of a shit hole now. The only thing I have to do with Cook County nowadays is hold my nose long enough to get through TSA. There’s a brewery on the Cook County side of the road that I like, but unless their beer is for sale in Will County or elsewhere, I don’t buy it.

  3. I loved the interview with the protesters demanding the rich pay their “fair share”. Who gets to decide what’s fair?

    I think the protesters should pay their “fair share”. I’ll bet none of them pay federal income tax and many get a check containing wages confiscated by productive, working people and redistributed to parasites by the government.

  4. This article could have been a lot shorter. “What’s wrong with Chicago?” The answer can be made with two words: Democrat controlled. Look at any city or state in America that is dominated by the left, and you’ll find the same types of issues that are seen in Chicago.

  5. We’re leaving as soon as we can. Started my own business from home that I can run from anywhere. Things are picking up and soon we’ll be able to quit our jobs and leave Illinois for greener pastures.

  6. Gee, I wonder what political leaning the authors had when they wrote this. There was one mention, almost in passing, that the city had been under Democratic control, for a year then it was right on to police racism, police corruption, poor blacks backed into an economic corner while the whites were smoking cigars and having triples all around. A few good points were made but they were buried in partisan reporting.

  7. Rahm was handed the keys to the city as reward for helping Obama get into the white house. Just how bad did he screw up? He almost got beaten for re-election by a no-body named Chuy!

  8. Sh!tcago.
    “Gun Free” city eaten up with gun violence.
    Billions of dollars in debt.
    Blames the Second Amendment and “not enough funding”.

  9. It’s ‘Chicongo.’ It’s filled with useless, IQ75, EBT, eaters, led by corrupt, short-sighted, IQ90 EBT geniuses.

    Build a wall around it and turn off the utilities.

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