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UPDATE: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Update: Many got the weirdness of The Flintstones celebrating Christ’s birth when it is supposed to be taking placing BC, but I knew there’d be lots of other great answers. And that’s what I was REALLY looking forward to.

There are lots of answers, but I’m looking for something in particular.

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  1. Fred’s left hand has the Christmas tree going through it. It looks like he’s pinching it.

    Sloppy work Hannah-Barbera!

  2. lol I used to write things on my board in my office at work, like, “Why is there an interstate on Hawaii?” and “Why is ‘abbreviation’ such a long word?”

    Another one was “Why is there a Flinstones Christmas special?????” Almost everyone got it and laughed their bottoms off because they “never thought about it that way.”

  3. Wheere’s the Winstons? Wheres the shoes and the pedal cars and the pets and the kids, Where’s the slab of Bronto Ribs?..

  4. The only thing wrong is you all are going to be living like the Flintstones by 2025. If the Priests of Global Warming don’t throw you back to the Stone Age, the EMP will succeed in doing that rather quickly.

  5. They’re wearing Santa hats. Saint Nicholas, (the inspiration for Santa Claus) didn’t exist until the 3rd century, A.D.

  6. BFH, If you really want to know what is wrong: Girls are stick figures, men are heavy, overweight.
    That was easy.

  7. The Flintstones were swingers and everybody knew it. This scene was drawn and shot in a rush so that they could carry on with their immoral depravity, which included wine, song, and marijuana. Don’t let the facade of happily married cave folk fool you!

  8. No stockings hung by the chimney with care… because… no stockings in this barefoot prehistoric world. But, there should be no Christmas in this prehistoric BC world either.

  9. Barney’s hand is a “garden weasel”?

    Oh wait, I get it
    It’s an optical illusion;they’re all the same height. – it was hacked by Russian cartoonists

  10. The illuminati symbols on Fred’s shirt. –don’t forget, he and Barney were members of the local Freemason lodge.

  11. There’s no picture of B. Hussein Obola on the wall.
    Precisely 8 inches above eye height.

    There are no Kwanzaa decorations.
    No Menorah.
    No Ramadan goat.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Three toes, four fingers, arms different lengths…there was a lot of inbreeding back then. City of Bedrock must be in Arkanstone.

  13. The Yule tree goes back a lot farther than the birth of Christ and is a symbol of the passing of winter solstice. (something I knew but never appreciated until I moved to the Northern Hemisphere.)
    Sleeping caps are more associated with the european winter rather than Christian values so I just don’t know

  14. After the death of Nimrod, Simeramus [sp?] started decorating pine trees with Silver balls.
    This is way back in BC. Women started meeting in groups to mourn the loss of sexual services of Nimrod. This has nothing to do with the birth of the Savior.

  15. I didn’t see anything “wrong” with picture, unless one thinks thinks that being happy with one’s spouse is “wrong” or two couples spending some happy time together as friends is “wrong”.

  16. Why are they in some creepy cave with giant fang shadows on the walls? What happened to their sweet 2 bed 1 bath bungalows in the burbs? And where are Pebbles and Bam Bam? How will I sleep tonight with these worrisome questions keeping me awake?

  17. Dont really know but then again im the kinda guy that takes kids Fintstone vitamins. That way I get to eat Betty. Just sayin

  18. @Burner: “Barney doesn’t have any pupils.”

    I was gonna type “Barney wasn’t a teacher, of course he had no pupils,” then I got to thinking, what WAS Barney’s profession?

    We all know Fred was a shovel/excavator operator at Mr. Slate’s quarry, bit was it ever exposed what Barney did for a living? He HAD to have something going on if he was a member of the local Masonic Lodge. Those membership fees ain’t cheap!

  19. To continue with my answer, after looking again, I think it’s weird how Fred and Betty have normal eyes, and Wilma and Barney have button eyes.

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