What’s Your New Year Resolution?

Vance Hinds posted a video last week of his determination to lose some of the 470 lbs  that he’s been carrying. (That’s like walking around with 20 bowling balls under your clothes). Watch

I’ve figured out that resolving to lose weigh just isn’t enough, setting a goal to regularly exercise might just do the trick.


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  1. Having been there, I wish Vince the best in his efforts.
    I I resolve to rescue another pup to fill the empty space in my heart that was Boobie’s until September.

  2. It’s too early for resolutions. Wait until the fridge and snack drawers are empty and all the pate’, smoked salmon mousse, candy, cookies, Swedish meatballs (and gravy), crackers, chocolate-covered everything and the last piece of Almond Roca are dispatched. I’m trying a new strategy this year: to eat as much as possible as a means of aversion therapy. Don’t know if it’ll work, but I’ve got to try something new!

  3. Mr Hinds might want to look into a ketogenic diet. It works for me, and it’s worked for others. I’m down 55 pounds from my peak weight of 391, back on April 15th of 2018. I haven’t exercised at all. The diet is brutal, more a lifestyle than a diet. There are enormous sacrifices, as you give up a lot. However, I’m no longer pre-diabetic, and no longer taking Metformin or blood pressure medicine. I haven’t felt so good in years.

  4. Be prepared to reach for the FOURTH box of liberty.
    (and call on as many others as I can to do the same…wink wink 😉 )

  5. Still New Years topic, but again wandering off topic.

    Who, other than the very young, would go get locked in a pen in Times Square to watch a ball drop? No bathroom, no booze, no seats.

    Sure. You could starve yourself for days to avoid an overwhelming bowel movement desire. You could catheterize your self and install a sloshing bag.

    Here’s the real challenge for the young.


    No selfies, Twitter, fakebook, Instagram to tell the world what an exciting life you lead?

    I was just wondering how that would work.

  6. Lose another 50 lbs by end of May. Last year I was able to do 50 in that time frame and kept most of it off when beer was introduced back into my diet. I suck at exercising so like roadgeek I did a keto diet. With intermittent fasting. Skip breakfast first meal primarily a protein shake at noon. Skip the snacks. Supper consumed before 7 no calorie restriction on the evening meal.

    The reality for me is that I love beer, if not for beer I would be an anorexic millionaire. So taking 5 months off beer is good. Last year my Dr appt was the best I had had in 5 years

  7. To keep my wife and my pups comfortable. Maybe drink one less beer a day.
    The first two are doable, the third, lol, who am I kidding.

  8. Gym? That’s short for gymnasium, right? Where people voluntarily congregate to inflict pain upon themselves?

    Yard work and less food, less twinkies and less of the nectar of Kavanaugh.

    I ain’t climbing up that rope again. It makes me feel all funny. Down there.

  9. My resolution for 2019 is to accomplice the goals I set in 2018 which I should have done in 2017 because I made a promise in 2016 which I fully planed out in detail in 2015 or 2014. I can’t remember ……..

  10. I gave up on resolutions, I no longer possess the self discipline to begin one much less see it through. I’m a sorry bastard.

  11. To teach my grandkids what the founding fathers really had in mind.
    Quit watching so many ship, plane, and car videos on youtube. No, wait, just less plane and ca…oh hell, I’m retired and will watch what I want.
    Watch more cricket.

  12. Lose weight? Easy…take up smoking again. I was 185 when I quit and 235 within a year! Working out wont get it…you can peddle your ass off and the display indicates Ive burned 80 calories…BFD. And I tried that 55 calorie beer (swill) for months and didnt lose an ounce. Screw it.

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  14. I’m with Uncle Al, I made a resolution long ago to never make resolutions again. It was easy to keep and is the only one I ever kept. You may want to test it out…

  15. improve my life, and someone else’s.
    be kinder, more understanding, and thoughtful toward family, friends, and strangers… and myself.
    read more, drink less.
    pray more, worry less.
    clean more, complain less.
    laugh more, cuss less. …or at least cuss so creatively that I can make someone else laugh.

  16. Resolving to lose weight is too opaque, too illusory, its like striving for world peace, or getting the media to tell the truth.

    Instead vow to eat better and exercise more, do these 2 things and the weight problem will take care of itself.

  17. Want to lose weight fast? Don’t eat anything white and stay away from sweets. I lost 64 lbs in just 5 months doing that and you can too… You can eat as much as you want but nothing white. Pickles and olives for snacks and steak for dinner. Also, chicken, pork and fish don’t count as white…

  18. Pasta (white) and bread (White) are ok, if you only have them once every two months.

    Homemade banana bread toast and smeared with peanut butter with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a moderate blast of Hershey’s chocolate syrup should be eaten no more than once a week.

    I’m a pretend doctor, dammit.

    Actually my grandfather, who served in WWI, always trim, got it right and it works for me.
    Always leave the table a little bit hungry.


  19. Having lost a cat, a dog and one chicken in whatever year this was I resolve to try again and again…

    …. or until the adoption center runs out of pets.

    Either way, I’m good.


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