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What’s Your Super Power?

Jamie Keeton from Kenosha, Wisconsin can stick stuff to his head.
He now holds the Guinness world record for being able to attach and hold 9 cans to his head and face.


Is his superhero name The Human Coaster?

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  1. And three cans uppa his ass. GTFOOH!
    I’m busy watching our five worthless past Presidents on TV raising money for the Clinton Foundation
    I’M tired, tired, tired, tired, of this shit!

  2. I have amazing powers of observation..

    What super power I wish I had, would be to be able to kick a kickball at whoever is on my TV and the kickball would appear 10 feet in front of them and moving with some considerable velocity, lambaste those who annoy Lazlo right in the peach.

  3. Sunday night Joke: (BFH should start this)
    An ex-GI applies for a job at the United States Postal Service.
    The GI passes all tests and is invited for a final interview with an USPS Human Resources Official. Here’s how it went.
    HRO. Hello Joe, how are you? we here at the USPS want to make sure that all our employees are well taken of and well treated.
    GI Joe, Thank you Sir, I appreciate that.
    HRO. Well Joe, is there anything you don’t like?
    GI Joe . Well no Sir, but I don’t like coffee
    HBO. You don’t like coffee? Wow. Now tell me Joe if you have any disabilities other than hating coffee?
    GI Joe, Well yes Sir, my balls were shot off by the Viet Cong back in 1972.
    HBO: Oh, my God, are you serious?
    GI Joe: Yes I’m very serious.
    HBO Well Joe you’re hired. The normal hours are from 8 to 5, but you can come a 10 am.
    GI JOE, Why 10 am why not 8 am?
    HBO; ‘Cause from 8 am to 10 am all we do is drink coffee and scratch our balls .

  4. Wyatt. That’s amazing! What do you turn into on your way back home? 😉

    Moe Tom. Hang in to near the end for Sam Moore’s salutation to obama. It’s worth it.

  5. My super power is not punching out obnoxious liberals.

    It’s kept me out of trouble so far.

  6. I have few… an ability to write parody songs, an ability to entertain at tables with my medicore ballons and jokes, and I’m an awesome cook..

  7. ME?…I dance and because some of my lower body is paralyzed, I attract pidgeons….so I got the pet shop thing going….

  8. I have the Ability to Spin things through the air at high velocity … My Labrador has the Ability to Catch them !!!

  9. I haven’t used an alarm clock in at least 10 years. Before I go to sleep, I decide what time I want to get up in the morning and I always wake up within 5 mins (usually 5 mins before), the time I wanted to wake up.

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