When a Late Night TV Host becomes the go-to Healthcare Expert

Patriot Retort:

If you need proof that the Democrat Party is no longer concerned with “facts,” “truth,” or “common sense,” look no further than their decision to make a late night TV host their so-called healthcare expert.

A couple weeks ago, the brilliant David Burge has this to say about the widely abused term “Expert:”

I might be inclined to trust experts more if “expert” wasn’t the adult version of a band camp participation trophy


And who can blame him?

Democrats find so-called Experts in the most unlikely places.

A guy with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering is considered their expert when it comes to Manmade Climate Change and science.

And then there’s Ben Rhodes – a failed novelist with a degree in Creative Writing who became the Foreign Policy expert of the Obama Administration.

When you consider the people Democrats elevate to Expert, are you at all shocked that a late night TV host who didn’t even finish college is their go-to Healthcare Expert?


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12 Comments on When a Late Night TV Host becomes the go-to Healthcare Expert

  1. I always told my audience whenever I spoke as an “invited guest” that I could be considered an expert because I was more than 50 miles from home and there probably wasn’t anybody there who knew that I was full of b.s.

  2. Is the hospital where Kimmel’s son had the heart surgery part of any Obamacare network? I doubt it. Does the heart surgeon take Obamacare? Probably not.

  3. I believe I read that Ben Shapiro’s son had open-heart surgery, from the same doctor in fact. So that means that Shapiro can stake the same claim to authority. And he rather disagrees with Jimmy.

  4. I really think that Kimmel, of The Man Show, is projecting. He’s pissed and feels helpless that his child was born with DEFECTS. He comes across as though he’s looking for someone to blame for what his child is going through. Dude needs therapy.

  5. After spending years dating admitted adult bed wetter, Sarah Silverman, I’m sure Kimmel is a medical expert in the field of enuresis. Other than that, he should STFU.


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