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When a Trigglypuff Makes a Video

This is how an unhinged dope defends his crap movie.

Jason Pollock used doctored footage to try and sell a new narrative on Michael Brown, and capitalize on the dead kid to make money (just like Brown’s parents) and then goes berserk on air when confronted with reality.

(Note- he’s got the prog head tilt thing going. Just like Bill Ayers.)

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  1. Watched the clip online and thought, poor Martha. BFH, you called him an unhinged dope, but forgot to add that he must have gotten a hold of some seriously BAD dope. That’s probably true of most dems nowadays; they are out of their minds on Bad dope.

  2. Wow. Dinesh D’Souza doesn’t have to scream like a unhinged lunatic about his documentaries.

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” ~WS

  3. I love face-to-face arguments with people like this.

    Oh, you have no chance of winning the argument – they aren’t listening to a word you say – but it’s so easy to make them spin out and look ridiculous. They think they’re the smartest person in the room, so any implication they aren’t induces a freakout. Even better, they’re totally convinced they you’re an idiot, and if they can just maintain a laser-like focus on their argument, maybe they’ll finally get it beaten into your stupid head…which means they cannot handle any sort of non-sequitur you throw at them.

    It’s like watching a train de-rail. Hilarious.

    The only real pitfall to avoid is allowing them to draw you into their emotional state. You *must* remain calm and jovial. Tucker Carlson is a MASTER at this.

  4. I think one of the problems today is that far too many people hear the word “documentary” and think that whatever is in it has to be true. This guy is trying to sell a lie (which I suspect he knows full well he’s lying his ass off) in order to get financial backing for his projects. People need to understand that a documentary can be as biased as a political tv ad and in a lot of cases will use selective editing, half truths, false arguments and in some cases outright lies to try to convince the viewer of his point and I suspect, make the documentary viewable. Just be wary when watching docs like this one because what you may be seeing may not be the reality.

  5. That was great! I just love watching libtard heads explode. I was driving home last night listening to what lib radio had to say and Michelangelo Signorile went crazzzzy on a caller over Trump having his phone tapped. A caller suggested he was referring to any type of electronic surveillance but he was all wacko about. The dems are going crazy because they are losing and losing big. MAGA

  6. you nailed the head tilt thing. Of course, it’s tilted hard Left

  7. I saw this last night and could not believe what a jerk he was. It’s too bad she couldn’t just call him an asshole and pull the plug or shot him.

  8. What’s really pathetic? I think this guy thinks he came off brilliantly. I bet he walked away from the interview thinking, “Boy, did I nail her!”

    What a maroon.

  9. They’re trying to jumpstart a flagging BLM Movement*, but I think the troops are waiting for orders from the great and powerful O (don’t look behind the curtain).

    *BM for short

  10. Man, last night watching the video of this guy before they let him speak. I sensed he was going to be a major all out Azzhole. He was.

  11. Look, I grew up around his “tribe” and I can tell in a matter of seconds when they’re putting on an act because they smell a payday. His behavior was all about selling his dopey movie. He could give a rat’s ass about Michael Brown.

  12. He’s obviously unwell, but on the plus side, race doctors say his whiteness cell count is way down. Although it’s to Soon to say he’s in remission.

  13. Four minutes and fourteen seconds before I pulled the plug. Couldn’t listen to that horse’s ass anymore. Oh… apologies in advance to horse’s asses. I meant no offense.

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