When Asked To Name Something Trump is Doing Well, Serial Groper Joe Biden Says, “Melania”

Joe Biden asked to list one thing Trump is doing well. He says, “Melania.”

I have to give Biden some credit, though. At least he’s got a woman of legal age on his mind. Usually he’s groping the kiddies, getting in their personal space, making everything creepy.

13 Comments on When Asked To Name Something Trump is Doing Well, Serial Groper Joe Biden Says, “Melania”

  1. Ewwww. The little girls intuit his sliminess, you can see then shrink away from him. Parent should shield their naturally resistant children from strangers like this — not insist they offer themselves up to them in this way. Just imagine Biden and guys like him doing the same things to a woman who could wallop him for invading their personal space.

  2. in old testament times the pagans offered up their children to their false gods-usually in the fire-so now in these days the liberals offer up their children to their political gods to touch and feel up. not much has changed… 🙁

  3. Does this guy have any awareness of how creepy and perverted his serial groping, stroking, and kissing children is? Why do the parents stand by and watch as their daughters are molested before their very eyes?

  4. I couldn’t finish this video. He is not only retarded but also a disgusting pervert! He gets away with it because he is a liberal the media adores. This is how low the democrats have sunk that they think this pervert would make a good president.

  5. Joe “fired two shots in the air” Biden is an idiot. I am convinced that the formed POTUS had him there solely as insurance against assassination.

    Her is a creepy and low class fool.

    Please Joe, run in 2020 so we can kick your filthy ass.

  6. Many patients who have brain surgery comparable to Biden’s experience an inability
    to control their social filters. The are unable to exercise restraint verbally and physically.

    Just what we need in the Oval Office after Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    Where is the question about Nuclear Codes with this guy?

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