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When Can I Draw My Gun?

DryFireTraining: One of the more common questions that I get is about when it’s legal or appropriate to draw a firearm.

The short answer is, it depends 

Part of it depends on where you are…

Are you at home responding to someone trying to kick your door in the middle of the night?

Are you an armed citizen who just happens to be in a room with several armed police officers when a situation happens?

Are you alone on a trail?

Are you in a grocery store when a shopper starts bashing another shopper in the head with a can of refried beans 30 feet away? more
h/t Brad.

SNIP: It took me a while to stop laughing at the refried beans question. But that’s just me. lol

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  1. Other appropriate instances:

    1) Directing traffic as a civilian in an emergency. (Use your firearm to point, etc.)

    2) Waiting in line at the DMV.

    3) In a Starbucks rest room.

    4) When surrounded by Karen’s in the checkout line.

    5) Parental arguments at soccer games.

    6) Football riots.

    7) In any crowd with people of questionable genders.

    8) When Allstate’s Mahem Guy shows up.

  2. “airlock” / vestibule
    What every quik shop, school and bank in the hood should have.
    I asked a state patrolman once if he ever had a case of justifiable road rage. He laughed, said no, and gave me a warning.
    If punishment was instantaneous, there would be waaaay less crime.

  3. “…just walk out on the balcony here, put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house.”

  4. Speaking of beans,

    My brother, (joined the Marine Corps in ’63), tells a story of a Drill Instructor that claims he once killed a jap in WWII with a can of lima beans.

  5. I thought everybody had a Marine uncle that killed a Jap with the spoon out of his mess kit. Turns out that was a true story.
    For those of you who are thinking about carrying, new to carrying, or even have been carrying, this guy is text book. A good review.
    Having said that if I see somebody getting bludgeoned with a can of refrieds, unless I know them, I’m probably headed for the frozen food section post haste.
    The price is to high for getting involved.

  6. The proper thing to do when a shopper 30 feet away is bashing another with refried beans is to pull out your phone, video it in horizontal mode, and approach the situation for clarity while yelling something like “worldstar!”

    Well, that’s what everyone else does anyhow.

  7. I think I will only get involved if it’s a loved one or myself being threatened with deadly harm. Too many horror stories about people losing everything even after a righteous shooting. As I read elsewhere, every round you launched out of your firearm has a lawyer attached.

  8. Here in Texas you are looking at 30-50K$
    in lawyers fees if you shoot and kill someone
    and fail the DA’s no bill…… Don’t seem right.

  9. ^^^^^ I’ve been told that here in Cali you even draw your gun, plan on getting sued by some advocacy group.
    The worlds gone to hell in a hand basket. Eventually reliance on people that carry will grow. But not before they get us some type of legal protection.

  10. Having to spend your life savings on proving that you had the Constitutional right to protect yourself or someone in need is part of the plan the ‘New World Order’ has set in place to eliminate ALL opposition.

    The New World Order needs to be elimated….At Any Cost.

  11. the point is where/when to become involved?

    I mean, a can of refried bean …. sure … they’re kinda heavy

    but what if it was a can of onion straws, huh?

    … we need a ruling on this!

    btw, I wouldn’t go to the frozen food section. a frozen chuck roast is much more dangerous than a can of refried beans … at that point you may be escalating the situation & starting an arms race


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