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When Comey Covered For Clinton Collusion With Russia


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  1. In trials, there is a basic rule that a lawyer should never ask a question without knowing the answer.
    The senator knew all about Fusion, asked the question, and let Comey hang himself. Comey couldn’t say yes or no. Classic setup. It’ll come back to haunt him. Nice find by whoever found this gem.

  2. Judge, Jury, and Pardoner In Chief. Where does any American get these extraordinary powers? Must be in the part of the Constitution that most mortals can’t read. Need those special glasses that Benjamin Franklin made for special people. Comey is really special. Sort of like a Roman Emperor. Can’t wait to see how this ends. Badly, I hope.

  3. This is EXACTLY why – if the Trump Administration is not going to go after these crooks – the next Right wing President will be 1,000 times more ruthless.

    And I’d support him. When reason and law no longer apply, Leftists tend to imagine it applies only to them.

  4. If this administration is going to do something about these criminals I sure wish they’d get busy. A couple of successful prosecutions would go a loooooong way to change the momentum and offer some hope for those of us losing hope.

  5. TO organgrinder

    That’s what I mean: whether due to Trump’s inaction or the Republican House/Senate intransigence, if no substantial consequences occur after THIS sort of stuff (incl. years of Obama and hillary antics), strap yourself in for a *real* Rightwing barbarian…and likely I’ll be cheering him on.

  6. These criminals think they are untouchable, and as a spectator to this, I think they might be. Hell, kamela harris is meeting with clintons inner circle this weekend plotting the next election. I hate to think it but it’s possible the citizens will have to take matters in our own hands. That won’t end well.

  7. “I don’t want to say.” Who in America gets to use that in sworn testimony before Congress? In a criminal court? In a civil court? WHO?

    He didn’t express objection based on state secrets. I don’t want to say. Holy shit we’re living in a collapsing Republic if this stands.

  8. And another thing, the piece of shit comey is peddling his book, looking for an eight figure payday, about ethics in government. He should either be running from the law or in jail! The Department of Justice would be more accurately called the Department for the Protection of the Establishment.

  9. TO joe6pak

    I’m more optimistic:
    end well? YES.
    end pretty? no way.

    I’ll take my chances; it’s worth it!

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