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When Dems Take Control…

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  1. That is exactly way we have to ruthlessly bury as many of these assholes as we can! And bury the illegals and those poor DACA kids with them.

  2. So Dworkin is playing El Degüello for Republicans, is he?

    Democrats may have to dance to that tune themselves, soon.

  3. Actually, the reason the democrats have no power is because they showed no mercy to the US middle class.

    Fuck You democrats. You’ve created legions of people who will never vote for anything with a “D” after their name every again.

  4. The most corrupt politicians I know are Democrats. In Illinois, Mike Madigan holds an entire state hostage for his own power and financial gain. The Clintons are known first-rate grifters. Franken stole an election. Look at every major American city and you will find corrupt Democrats in charge.

    So yes, there should be wide-spread probes. Look at both parties, and I can almost guarantee Dworkin will regret his words. The party of the Klan hasn’t changed that much.

  5. The man was doomed to be a liberal with a name like Dworkin. His school days made him a victim of unrelenting ridicule. I’m just guessing, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. He left school an angry little man.

  6. Dworkin was the idiot that actually believed there was a gorilla channel created just so the president could watch the animals fight with each other. I’ll be posting that one tomorrow.

  7. It’s posts like this, in which they
    nakedly are open and honest about their intent,
    which make me all the angrier about the RINO/GOPe scum
    in bed with them in Congress.

    “Off with *my* head?! Oh, no sir, off with *your* head first.”

  8. @Roman Moroni–Love the name!!
    Newspaper Headline: Roman Moroni Deported to Sweden. Says He’s Not From There.

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