When ESPN Anchor Finds Out Kaepernick Didn’t Even Vote, He Teaches QB a Lesson He’ll Never Forget – IOTW Report

When ESPN Anchor Finds Out Kaepernick Didn’t Even Vote, He Teaches QB a Lesson He’ll Never Forget

IJR: ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith gave Colin Kaepernick a brutal verbal beatdown Wednesday after he learned the San Francisco 49ers quarterback decided not to vote at all in the 2016 presidential election.

In a fiery and lengthy rant, Smith argued Kaepernick has delegitimized everything he tried to accomplish by first sitting then taking a knee during the national anthem in protest of “oppression” in America.

“As far as I am concerned, Colin Kaepernick is absolutely irrelevant,” Smith said. “I don’t want to see him again; I don’t want to hear from him again; I don’t wanna hear a damn word about anything he has to say about our nation — the issues that we have, racial injustices, needing change, etcetera, etcetera. He comes across as a flaming hypocrite.”

If you can believe it, those were the nicest things the ESPN commentator had to say.  MORE

25 Comments on When ESPN Anchor Finds Out Kaepernick Didn’t Even Vote, He Teaches QB a Lesson He’ll Never Forget

  1. Was Stephen Smith the last guy to find out that Colin Kaepernick was doing the knee-during-the-anthem thing just because his GIRL-friend asked him to do it??? It’s always amazed me what a man will do for some poon-tang!

  2. Somewhere on the left coast there is a lonely boot, a once proud, shiny leather accessory that now sits abandoned in a closet. This boot once embraced the toes and heel of a man who sadly refrained from using it in a fashion that could have spared our nation from a fool.

    This boot now cries to itself when it remembers all the occasions when it was needed but never utilized.

    This boot used to belong to the father of a future NFL quarterback and it never got to experience the thrill of being firmly and carefully laced up before being driven forcefully up the ass of this future quarterback.

    So now it sits in the closet …. and dreams of greatness that never was.

  3. Colon had one good season and has spent every one since proving it was a fluke. If I turn on football, I want to see football. If I’m interested in idiotic political opinion, Colon is a very small fish in a very big pond.

  4. HE thought the racist Republicans made it so that he needed voter ID and he was too fucking stupid to figure out how to get an ID card… It was George Bush’s fault that he didn’t vote.

  5. A lesson can only be taught if one wants to learn. Kaepernick doesn’t give two shits what anyone thinks. This guy wasted his breath.

  6. It doesn’t matter who you are, when you assail the icons of patriotic Americans, you got problems coming your way bubba!

  7. Good Rant.
    I heard Kapernick’s Mom is pissed as well.
    I hope she yanks that stupid afro off his vacuous noggin.

  8. I don’t always agree w/ Steven A. & barely watch (listen to him much more on radio), but he’s always been honest enough to call an asshole an asshole, no matter what ‘color’ or ‘race’ these overpaid idiots call themselves

  9. “The Halo Effect.” He had one good game, maybe, but he was a halfwhite, so they figured he’d be an asset. So he turned out to be an embarrassment. So fuck the 49ers and Copperdick, and the NFL. Just gimme the scores and I hope my numbers win. Meanwhile I’m happy watching “How It’s Made.”

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