When Harry Met Larry

New evidence suggests that Larry beat the sh!t out of his brother Harry. Larry talked about it at an AA meeting the night it happened and a member pieced all the info together when Larry’s picture hit the media after his DUI arrest.

Story HERE.

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  1. Never believed Harry’s injuries were the result of anything other than an old fashioned ass whupping. Nobody ever gets those kinds of black eyes except from a clenched fist. I doubt that Harry will ever admit the truth. He’s a congenital liar/lawyer/professional politician.

  2. What in Lucifer’s reach is wrong with that asshole from AA?! Why is anyone from AA making public anything that ANYBODY says in an AA meeting?! Sweet fancy Moses, does this idiot not know what “anonymous” means? Harry Reid is a vile human, but there are some things that are supposed to be sacrosanct. And what you hear in a meeting stays in a meeting. That really frosts my Pop-Tart.

  3. I grasp you point about AA meetings, but this was in Henderson, not Las Vegas. Everyone knows that nothing ever stays in Henderson.

  4. I’d like to buy Larry a drink for his effort but it seems he has trouble handling his alcohol.

    I’d buy him the drink anyway; he might beat Harry’s ass again.

  5. Is that normal when two men duke it out that the opposite side eyes will take the brunt from both fighters?

    I mean it’s curious that Harry’s eye is blacked on one side and the brother’s eye is bruised on the other.

    They must favor the same hand when punching.

  6. More possible than the Mafia doing it to “Senator Geary”–a brother would have the type of contact and time to do the kind of damage that Vinny Goombatz wouldn’t have.

  7. Schadenfreude for sure and joy that someone finally did it. Though I know I’m supposed to resist thinking this way.

  8. @ Dianny, that’s the first thing that came to mind, while I was reading the salacious details. But then I’m old school, having become familiar with AA people before it went Hollywood.

  9. Dianny et al, nothing is sacrosanct anymore. Pictures were posted of Reagan’s colonoscopy for crap sake. A Republican can’t fart without it becoming a front page story. Frankly I’m surprised, if this is the truth, thet it remained under wraps for so long. Harry Reid is a liar. He should have told the truth or at least part of it. The press would have been kinder to him than any Republican. We have leaks from grand juries, private meetings with the president and a host of other “private situations.” If a guy committed murder and confessed in an AA meeting should it be kept under wraps? Harry’s brother damn near beat his 75 year old brother to death. He blinded him in one eye. There will be no sympathy for Harry from this court.

  10. Larry must’ve put his weight behind his punch. I’ve seen a couple places mention that Dingy’s eye socket is shattered and he has a good chance at losing his eye.

  11. Harry probably cheaped out and didn’t want to pay any more hush money to Larry, but on the upside we might have a book coming out from Larry.

  12. I’d say Harry is a washed up old boxer. I wouldn’t be surprised if a secret service dude jumped in as well as Larry.

  13. Fuck Harry. He’s a corrupt old pol who deserves far worse than this. Seven or eight months in Room 101 would be a bit more to what he deserves.

    And then be hanged for despoiling the Senate with his filth and corruption.

  14. How many of you think that Larry will be looking at a big payday with the National Enquirer, and that the whole truth will come out? Enquiring Conservatives want to know the facts even if the MSM can’t handle the truth.

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