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When is the “Oh My God” Guy’s Sex Change?

22 Comments on When is the “Oh My God” Guy’s Sex Change?

  1. Good thing the crowd was a bunch of palefaces.
    If it had been cloudy the cops’d be in a world of shit.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Way, Way back in the very early 80s
    There were NOVA Chicks heavily promoting Pee Wee Herman
    Never forgot that over about 50 odd years

  3. Too bad there wasn’t a second cop car to run over more people – again.

  4. No man how ever badass he is, is a match
    for 3000 pounds of steel with a 400 horse power
    engine in it.Even radioationman knows that…..

  5. They were swarming the police car, the cops were left with no choice. Then they squeal like little pussies.

  6. “What did they expect would happen when they illegally blocked the street?”

    More than that. That was self defense. His life was in danger.

    I agree with Wild Bill and bobh.


  7. This needs to happen EVERY TIME scumbags block roads, streets, and or highways…
    Fairly quickly, the IDIOT MORON LIBTARDS will learn their lesson, and move on to something different.
    AWESOME SAUCE for the police officer…

  8. bobh,

    Thank You.

    100% Correct!

    We would get arrested, Charged, then Hunted by the swarmers.

  9. No one, I don’t give a shit who they are, has any obligation to allow a mob to surround their vehicle and become a victim. As for those surrounding the vehicle, they have no right to any consideration. If you don’t want shit, don’t start shit.

  10. If anyone should be held to account it is the worthless piece of shit Mayor of Tacoma. The bitch spent the better part of 2020 trying to bring Seattle’s shit to Tacoma.


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