“When it’s Gnat Season in the South”


This one’s for Cate –

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  1. Growing up in the South, we had mosquitos so big, they could stand flat footed and screw a half grown turkey to death.

  2. Thank you, MJA. That makes me laugh so hard, I cry.
    It’s so TRUE, and it isn’t just the South!

    What annoying little critters those things are. I’ve tried Absorbine JR, OFF!… nothing really works.

  3. My sales force in action! love ’em.

    – The Bugman Do4

    To be outside, they need to religiously apply pesticides in an appropriate manner and strength.

    That’s why we start every day with: “Let us spray”

    Our credo: “The family that sprays together, plays together” 🙂

    If you want serious control over Love Bugs – treat the ground like you’re treating grub worms. I helped my GF’s Louisiana family by using Fipronil over 1/2 acre around their main house. They were amazed at the results after suffering for many decades from them. It also keeps fire ants out for a full year, so that was enough in itself for them.

    Rule for controlling anything that flies – You have to get them where they breed. Know your enemy. Gnats need moisture to breed but not a lot. You may not have access to everywhere they breed, too. Bummer.

  4. Jimmy, we drank a lot of Navy bug juice (AKA strawberry koolaid) on board the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 while out at sea. I’m the only one in my family who still drinks the bug juice, it was a lot safer than the water from some of the water coolers which sometimes tasted like they had JP5 (jet fuel) in them. And tons of pop which was .15 a can, of course I could drink all that (and eat 3-4 times a day on the mess deck) back then and not gain a pound because of all the constant activity of working on the flight deck during flight ops.

  5. We have gnats here in Chicago in the summer. Once, a few years back, they actually called a Cubs game because of a gnat swarm.

  6. @geoff the aardvark – on the sub, we never quite knew what the mess cooks were going to mix up. But we drank it anyway. Once and a while, there would be a little, dead cockroach that would come out. I don’t remember it phasing anyone.

  7. Deer fly season just ended here in VA.

    Only had one harass me today while mowing. They call them Mayflies.

    A new one is Carpenter Bee season.

  8. Snerdle ferty gamflordisan! Ontorvy klak wamper. HA!

    (Psst, I think I have a bug in my computer…..)

  9. ^ If you’re running Windows, F4UCorsair, and you’re seeing “Snerdle ferty” show up, it’s not a bug. It’s just one of Microsoft’s many mistakes by one of their dweebs, named Ferd Snerdle.


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