When Karens Go Wild

According to one of the commenters, this stunt allegedly backfired and the mother/daughter combo deleted their facebook profiles.

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  1. “Its not a computer, it’s a cell phone”

    Sorry Karen, it’s very much a computer with phone capabilities!

  2. Time to make being a Karen a fearful thing. Governors and mayors who count on snitches should count on snitches getting doxxes along with their stitches.

  3. He was too nice. I’ve got no time for people that fuck with me & I will let them know damn quick, especially ignorant bitches.

  4. @Jewel July 12, 2020 at 11:35 am

    If only there were an “industry”. An “industry” whose business model is Karens gossiping with Gladyses. About how awful! it is. That nothing is done about those people! With the type of security, “user” generated content is known for.

    If… if only…

  5. I wish they would tell us where this was at and identify the women.

    I’m probably going to end up in jail if this shit continues, because some dumbass women do this shit to me and I will be kicking their ass and making them choke on their phone aka computer, stupid dumb shits don’t even know that.

  6. One of the Karens said she wears a mask to protect herself. The fact is the masks don’t protect YOU, a mask protects others from you. And not viruses but from bacteria. Viruses are too small.

    Surgeons do not wear masks during operations to protect themselves from the patient. Same thing.

  7. When their only argument is “No, YOU are,” you can reaffirm that you’re dealing with mental midgets engaging in mental masturbation.

  8. Why did he speak to them?

    There’s only so much oxygen and so little time that it’s a shame to waste them on imbeciles.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. @ecp
    One of the first dempanic rules I saw was that if you need to cough, do it far from others.
    Then if someone coughs near to you, just tell them to far cough.

  10. Man is minding his own business in the paint aisle. Karen’s back there cause she’s looking for a date. She’s upset cause she got turned down.

  11. I want to buy a mask that says “They Had A Fake Pandemic And All I Got Was This Fucking Mask”. But I can’t find one.

    So I bought a mask that looks like a dogs muzzle with his tongue lolling. Getting compliments….

  12. The women’s voices are sooooo punishing. Really. 🙂

    How come there are no videos of Karen MEN?

    Men don’t do that. But why? WTF is going wrong with women in this country?

  13. I guarantee if I come across one of these goody two-shoes, there’s going to be a chick fight on aisle 4.

  14. Unless that is a short aisle, it looks kinda like she was going the wrong way on a one way marked aisle.

  15. When confronted by Karen, I just stare blankly as though I don’t understand English or I explain that like many people I have had the pleasure of getting covid and have recovered – if they get it, they will recover too. Everybody needs to chill out, and stop “stopping the spread”. We need herd immunity and the sooner the better. If they have underlying health issues like 98.6 percent of the dead, then they shouldn’t be at Walmart harassing other customers, they should be safe at home.

  16. Good job ladies. Now, there’s gonna be a meeting on Friendless Corner tonight and looks lIke you might enjoy that.

  17. Jimmy-

    There are –
    I saw a ManKaren (Karon? HeKaren?) on that stupid neighborhood NEXTDOOR App, or whatever it’s called. And that creep brought out all the Karens and he was Queen For A Day on a discussion. It was so gross to read. It was like he had a harem. Disgusting. That day, I quit the site right after I told the neighborhood captain that the members were insane and violent animals. They were acting like aging antifas. lol.

  18. MJA – a Karon with a harem of Karen’s… Heh.

    Hopefully, it’s not contagious and rare.

    I get invitations to that ‘NextDoor’ app in my mailbox about every six months. Neh eh. Fences and total privacy make good neighbors especially when combined with good eyesight and hearing. 🙂

  19. @MJA: I downloaded NextDoor when it first came out. It was just like Junior High all over again. I deleted it in less than a week. It took me another week to get rid of the spam in my inbox.

  20. Jimmy, Cynic,
    The most hilarious part about nextdoor (and others have told me this, too) is people going on to complain about gun fire.

    A car backfires: “Did anyone hear shooting??!?!?!”
    Time range July 3rd – July 5th: “Did anyone hear shooting??!?!?!”
    A ladder falls out of a truck and skids down the street:
    “Did anyone hear shooting??!?!?!”

    Sometimes, I really hate stupid people.

  21. @stirrin: I, too, have a sister named Karen, and fortunately, she’s not one. Retired biochemist, first born.

    @MJA: Have heard similar. I don’t want to know how immature some of my neighbors are. I’d rather keep thinking they’re adults until proven otherwise. I know. My name is Jimmy Pollyanna. (Hey, maybe I’ll switch to that name here!)

  22. @Jimmy – She recently retired (at age 56) from a life long career as an attorney in Florida state public policy making in health care issues. She’s got a great pension, paid for by the citizens of Florida.

    She is arrogant as to her beliefs, and condescending to anyone who who has a different (i.e., conservative) belief. She is the epitome of a deep state bureaucrat.

    p.s. If you can’t tell by the tone of my post, we don’ speak anymore.

  23. @stirrin – that’s rough. I’m finding that many people who make their careers in state government end up acting like they ARE privileged. Mention that to them and you become an instant enemy.

  24. stirrin, government employees at pretty much all levels act like that. Public school teachers even during my kids schooldays weren’t all like that, they were in the minority then and most of them hid it and kept their opinions to themselves. Today though ever teacher I meet or come across is the same way.

    Same with those who work for non-profits who exist due to federal and local grants.

    Social media and cell phones are making them worse.

  25. Live in north Hall cty Ga and my wife signed us up for Nextdoor.
    75% of the posts are for lost dogs and cats, but a bunch do that “GUNSHOTS!!!” BS. We just reply “you ain’t from around here, are you?” We are in the country, snowflakes, and everyone fires weapons all the time – including me and the wife. As for the rest of the posts: Yes we have lots of bugs…and flies…and snakes. But I hear that housing in a lot of Atlanta neighborhoods have become very reasonably priced…

  26. We need to demand Congress write an pass “The Emotional Control in Public Act”.

    Allowing “Karen’s” to be detained and placed on a 48 hour psychiatric hold when they display over the top emotional and threatening behavior.

  27. The NAZIs/democrats did the same thing to Jewish people in Germany in 1938. They started out accosting Jewish people for being Jewish then when the NAZIs/democrats saw they could do it and not get in trouble they started assaulting them. Same thing here.

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