When LBGTQ Activists Attack

This deranged leftist and LGBT activist named Keaton Hill assaulted and threatened to kill @FJtheDeuce, a black conservative at Sacramento State. This is reportedly the 2nd time Keaton has violently attacked college Republicans at @sacstate.

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  1. Don’t take any shit from these crazy people: fight back. Literally. K.O. any one of these Obama legacy idiots who raise a hand to you.

  2. If I were out running around violently assaulting people and threatening people …… well ……. I wouldn’t be out running around.

    I’d be locked up.

    But the violent leftist berserkers always seem to get away with it and remain free to keep doing it..

  3. When the Curtains and Drapes do not match.
    No question about it.

    Three Letters are enough for the Goverment.


    So sayeth the IRS.


    LGB it is.
    From Now On.

  4. Okay, I’m calmed down now. Deleted the first two replies. And yes I’m an old man, but am I the only one that believes they’d end up being arrested for assault with intent after reacting to something like that?

    I like to believe he’ll try that crap with someone who has been in an altercation or two and he’ll end up a cripple if not dead.

    Did I say I was calmed down? My daughter would F him up without hesitation. Why do people take this kind of shit without rewarding these vermin? He would not have escaped…

    Sent Mr. Big a suggested “Outrage thread” (not used), but this one has it beat by a factor of one hundred. Mine was more disgust than RAGE.

  5. “Truman Capote Jr. gets his head stomped into red mush!”

    This is why they should be sequestered in Hospitals for the Insane.

  6. The university comment:

    To All Members of the Campus Community:

    I am deeply disturbed and appalled to learn that there was a fistfight on campus today between two students. We are investigating the situation, but I want to make it unequivocally clear that violence is never the answer. Sacramento State is a caring campus – a welcoming place for all members of the Hornet Family. No one should ever be physically attacked. Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in expressing their identity and beliefs. Today’s incident in no way reflects Sacramento State’s values. Violence on our campus will not be tolerated. We are committed to the values of the Hornet Honor Code. In today’s increasingly tense political climate, we must care for each other and treat one another with respect despite our differences.
    Robert S. Nelsen


    Twitter did not approve the presidents message.

  7. I can’t post the link, but if you go to a Youtube channel called “That’s the Point”, and search for “Antifa attempts to block an SUV”, you’ll see a great smack-down of leftist thug.


    They say pray for your enemies…

    God grant him justice!

    Remaining further comment deleted again…

  9. While I commend his courage, you cannot defend yourself against a maniac with a phone in your hand.

    THAT mofo would have been hard hit tackling and taken down.

  10. All Too Much DECEMBER 6, 2019 AT 11:40 PM

    Thanks for giving us the University’s spin.

    “violence is never the answer.”
    Bullshit! Swift and blinding violence was once my go to option because it WORKED.

    Guess I should be using “Anonymous” when replying on this thread. Deleted some more…

  11. Sometimes violence is the answer, without it you and your love ones are dead. Think about that. Bullies care not for platitudes.

  12. This is exactly why bullying is important component to our society. This guy doesn’t realize how totally defenseless he is. Someones gonna hurt him really bad one of these days. Maybe the next time.

  13. If you are physically attacked, you have the right to defend yourself in every state of the union. And that little faggot needs his pussy ass beat down.

  14. Look at how homos revel in offending you, even as homos whine about being offended.
    “rainbow” flags offend me …… pack them away.
    Free speech to publicly burn an American flag in protest of American values,
    But hate speech to publicly burn a rainbow flag in protest of homosexual nation destroying values!
    Where is the TOLERANCE for the belief systems that built the Civilization.
    Show me any successful, prosperous, homosexual civilization in all history..
    When the “alternate” lifestyle becomes mainstream,civilization DIES. The parasite cannot live without it’s healthy host body.
    Science is science. You can’t change your sex. You cant change biology because of emotions
    Why are Child Sexual Abusers being allowed to conceal their sexual perversions behind a veil of “education”. They practice Pedophilia on children and claim it is “education”.
    If you cannot NATURALLY bear and birth a child you are not a WOMAN.
    If you cannot NATURALLY fertilize an egg you are not a MAN.
    You can cut off whatever body part you want and change your pronouns. That Doesn’t change your DNA.
    They scream “tolerance” but they are INtolerant.
    They scream “HATERS” but look at their twisted faces and spittle dripping mouths.
    They scream “democracy” but they refuse to accept the will of the MAJORITY.
    There has been ZERO concern for the RIGHTS and FEELINGS of the NON-lbgtafd People, ALL they care about is THEM, So I see ZERO reason to give a Flying FIG about theirs.
    “The gay pride flag is offensive to Christians and millions of people of other faiths, not only in this country but around the world.

  15. The university’s statement claims it was a fist fight. No it wasn’t, only one person threw fists, that’s called assault.
    Even when leftists are caught in the act they like to shift at least half the blame on those they attack.

  16. You don’t want fag blood on you.
    The guy did well not to retaliate.

    Blunt force to the head – maybe across the bridge of the nose.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. The fat chicks annoy me, also.

    Self-imposed Mz Roger’s neighborhood crossing guards.

    The dude needs to be laughed at when he tries physical violence. I would just put my arm out to keep him at distance and let him swing like the midget he is. He’s not going to over power anyone and may get seriously hurt once he goes to ground and cracks his skull.

  18. Growing up outside of Philly, this little limp wrist would have been disabled on the first throw. Situational awareness people! Unless you like getting hit? Why be a victim of such a weak azz wimp? Why?

  19. What’s with the woman trying to “calm down” and counsel the assaulted. He doesn’t need your help, or advice.

    That little puke needs to be expelled. And brought up on assault charges.

  20. justbob DECEMBER 7, 2019 AT 10:57 AM
    When will the institutions of higher learning start expelling these idiots?

    Oh hell no! They’ll open up a “safe space” for him and those like him.

  21. At some point, one of these deranged characters will assault the wrong person and end up taking all their meals through either a straw or an IV.

  22. I think we’ve witnessed the birth of the “White-Black male”. Along the lines of “White-Hispanic male”…Just gotta be a conservative is all it takes. Then it’s perfectly OK to attack you.

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