When Liberals eat their own

Superspreader Michael Rappaport is livid at Fauci.
Scroll down for the meme. πŸ˜‚

h/t Brad.

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  1. Wow MJA going above and beyond. We’ve been swapping emails on this turd and some don’t load. In my little mind this is a huge revelation made by this prick. I use to follow this guy on Twatter during my ten days and five different ID’s. Here’s the deal, he’s just smart enough to be insulted as a super spreader. Which he is. Typical Libtard. Can’t think for themselves, or use deductive reasoning, until it’s to late. But meanwhile, just keep running your simple little minds mouth. Thanks MJA I hope this hits home for some peeps here. Don’t get the jab.

  2. I can tell I don’t like him, but to be honest I don’t know who he is. I guess getting old has some good points.

  3. As Dave used to say, “Choke on a fat dick”.

    Not Dave, my brothers in law (Yes, they are both named Dave), but Dave from High School. That was Dave from High School’s answer to anything that didn’t make sense to a normal human being. And he always guffawed when he said it. Not because he thought it was funny, but because he hated dumb motherfuckers.

    And even as a teenager he was gifted in finding dumb motherfuckers.

    I haven’t seen Dave since 1995. I hope he’s doing well.

  4. On “Justified” he played a dumbass inbred mental defective too stupid to live (worked out in the end). I guess acting isn’t really that hard at all.

  5. joe6pak
    “I can tell you I don’t like him,” Dudes gotta big mouth for some random asshole with child bearing hips.
    That was my last ever comment on twatter. LOL.

  6. I like that scene in that one movie (the name escapes me) where Nicholas Cage beats Michael Rappaport to death with his bare hands. I could watch that part over and over again. Sort of like how I could watch DeNiro getting shot in Joker over and over again, I don’t watch movies much anymore, but some have parts that just leave a guy feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

  7. Jennifer’s hospital in Greene County had 23 deaths this week from covid. And most of those were jabbed. She could finally say, “Most”, this time around. Jabbed is a true (truer
    ?) statistic. Death from covid is, of course, a bunch of bullshit.

    Take from it what you want.

  8. Most of them were inoculated, “Most” being more than the base line.

    And they died, too.

    With comorbidities, it must be said. But some without.

    The entire point is more than 50% of her inoculated are dying right there in the hospital.

  9. For me, it’s enough that Bill Gates, who is pushing the vaccine, has been openly supporting the concept of global population reduction for years. They have stated that the worlds population needs to be cut in half. These elites are evil beyond our comprehension. I believe they are capable of creating and using the Wuhan virus to achieve that goal. Every time that retarded child molester gets on TV and demands people get the shot, it makes me more determined to resist.

  10. Dude was getting off on the idea that he was a fucking “hero” (his word, not mine) — now finds out he’s basically Typhoid Mary instead. That’s some funny shit, right there.

  11. Michael Rappaport is mentally ill.

    He’s a third rate actor who fed off of spike lee movie roles his entire career. He done nothing acclaimed or amazing.
    A fraudster hack.


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