When Normality Became Abnormal

American Greatness:

Donald Trump is many things. But one thing he is not is a defender of the 2009-2016 status quo and accepted progressive convention. Since 2017, everything has been in flux. Lots of past conventional assumptions of the Obama-Clinton-Romney-Bush generation were as unquestioned as they were suspect. No longer.

Everyone knew the Iran deal was a way for the mullahs to buy time and hoard their oil profits, to purchase or steal nuclear technology, to feign moderation, and to trade some hostages for millions in terrorist-seeding cash, and then in a few years spring an announcement that it had the bomb.

No one wished to say that. Trump did. He canceled the flawed deal without a second thought.

Iran is furious, but in a far weaker—and eroding—strategic position with no serious means of escaping devastating sanctions, general impoverishment, and social unrest. So a desperate Tehran knows that it must make some show of defiance. Yet it accepts that if it were to launch a missile at a U.S. ship, hijack an American boat, or shoot down an American plane, the ensuing tit-for-tat retaliation might target the point of Iranian origin (the port that launched the ship, the airbase from which the plane took off, the silo from which the missile was launched) rather than the mere point of contact—and signal a serial stand-off 10-1 disproportionate response to every Iranian attack without ever causing a Persian Gulf war.

Everyone realized the Paris Climate Accord was a way for elites to virtue signal their green bona fides while making no adjustments in their global managerial lifestyles—at best. At worst, it was a shake-down both to transfer assets from the industrialized West to the “developing world” and to dull Western competitiveness with ascending rivals like India and China. Not now. Trump withdrew from the agreement, met or exceeded the carbon emissions reductions of the deal anyway, and has never looked back at the flawed convention. The remaining signatories have little response to the U.S. departure, and none at all to de facto American compliance to their own targeted goals.

Rich NATO allies either could not or would not pay their promised defense commitments to the alliance. To embarrass them into doing so was seen as heretical. No more.

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  1. after trumps 2nd term starts, lets see if there’s a worthy rising star to take the reigns in 2024 to keep this momentum going. hopefully pence will consider a 2024 run, but, it’s always good to have a few like minded to choose.

  2. It’s going to be vital that Trump gets the deep state cleaned out at least to a manageable level or the next candidate will never have a chance.
    Trump is unique in that he was able to withstand the forces arrayed against him and expecting another person like him to come along is unrealistic.
    That is why if we don’t see serious actions taken against the criminality entrenched in DC we’re sunk.
    This is the last chance for the country as we know it, sink or swim.

  3. There’s only one Trump in terms of personality and willingness to punch back, but my hope is that by the end of 2023/24 he and his administration will have set the new normal back to something far more recognizable and desirable. Can he really “drain the swamp”? Only if his cabinet heads and their Deputy Assistant Directors (and all their lineage) can force out ALL the obama appointees and RINO/Uniparty creeps who are in it for personal gain and who want to fundamentally change America. There are about 2 million people on our federal payroll, not counting those in the military. That’s a big swamp.

  4. With at least 90% of the federal employees democrats who subvert at every opportunity it’s going to take monumental efforts to tame down contention.
    Eliminating a few of these departments would do wonders but it’ll never happen it’s politically toxic.
    The only hope to shift momentum is significant prosecutions to get underway and it needs to happen quickly.

  5. Hanson is a brilliant writer. He never fails to make hard hitting easy to understand talking points

  6. Excellent article. Looking for someone to fill President Trump’s shoes in 2024? How about John James? If he wins the senate seat in 2020, that will be his first entrance into the political world. As a businessman and combat vet, I think he would have the chops to pick up the Trump agenda. Michigan, let’s vote for him in 2020 and see what happens.


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