When she’s caught smoking on the plane, she doesn’t apologize, she does this…

Other than Allahu Ackbar, these are the magic words that will earn you a wooden shampoo.

This was Portland.


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  1. My Brother In Law is a pilot for South West. Ex Navy. A guy you don’t want to fuck with and I don’t pass that compliment out lightly. Before any given airliners wheels leave the ground it’s ultimately up to the pilot who’s going with. He’s got some awesome stories about people he’s booted. A lot of drunk leo out of Vegas. Go figure.

  2. ‘Bout two punches

    Wow dude, just choke her ass out. If she wakes up before the plane lands, do it again. Punching leaves bruising. Not good. “Law Suit”

  3. Bad_Brad December 12, 2017 at 1:19 am

    PS, as far as that dumb bitch, I would have put her to sleep.

    Guaranteed if she were sitting next to me, the oxygen mask would come down fast because I would be choking her to death. She’d have my fist in her face right quick. No calling the bambulance at 30,000 feet.

  4. Reboot
    Has nothing to do with that pal, wrap her up, choke her out. 90 seconds. she wakes up do it again. I’m not tying to be an asshole here. Google rear naked choke hold.

  5. PS, you start “Striking” (punching) people, it a whole new criteria. You leave yourself open for lawsuits etc. After thinking about this for a while, it comes down to bruising. Don’t bruise them, if you can help it. Put them to sleep. My two cents.

  6. What did all those stupid white people on the plane do to offend that noble woman? Keep on speaking truth 2 power, sister.

  7. A friend of mine has a daughter, a beautiful little gal. Growing up she was a smart, open minded soul. Then she went to college. Upon graduating, she moved to Portland. Now, even when she comes home to visit, they still miss her.

  8. Folks, our eyes are side by side, not vertical. Wide screen televisions are mounted in the landscape orientation.
    Why do people insist on doing iPhone videos in this orientation?
    Why can’t Apple and other companies apply a landscape only lock on video?

  9. Battle Ground? Wow, brings back memories of the Edelweiss restaurant. (I think that’s Battle Ground, memory not what it used to be)

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