When Ted Kennedy’s Russian Pal Wanted to Kill the Pope

AT: As longtime readers of American Thinker know, I’ve here several times reported the story of Ted Kennedy’s undisclosed outreach and offer to the Kremlin, as revealed in a remarkable May 14, 1983 memo from KGB head Victor Chebrikov to his boss, the odious Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov, designated with the highest classification. The document was found in the Central Committee archives and first reported in a February 2, 1992 article in the London Times. I was the first to break the document in full via both the original Russian and an English translation, which I printed in books published in 2006 and 2010. The latter of these two books, titled Dupes, detailed the facts surrounding the memo.

The subject head of the document, carried under the words, “Special Importance,” read: “Regarding Senator Kennedy’s request to the General Secretary of the Communist Party Y. V. Andropov.” According to the memo, Senator Kennedy was “very troubled” by U.S.-Soviet relations, which Kennedy attributed not to the murderous tyrant running the USSR but to President Reagan. The problem was Reagan’s “belligerence,” said the memo, and made worse by Reagan’s stubbornness. “According to Kennedy,” reported Chebrikov, “the current threat is due to the President’s refusal to engage any modification to his politics.” That refusal, said the memo, was exacerbated by Reagan’s political success, which made the president surer of his course, and more obstinate — and, worst of all, re-electable.

To address this Reagan problem, Kennedy offered various suggestions to his Russian friends — or, as Chebrikov, put it: “Kennedy believes that, given the state of current affairs, and in the interest of peace, it would be prudent and timely to undertake the following steps to counter the militaristic politics of Reagan.” He described certain ideas from Kennedy to help the Soviets “influence Americans,” including Kennedy arranging for Kremlin officials to meet with certain major American media organizations and reporters, such as Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters, both of whom were named in the memo. MORE

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  1. History is full of “colorful” characters isn’t it?

    Ol’ Ted, the “lyin” of the Senate, a man a father could trust his daughter with.

  2. I find it amazing (even in the era of the left wing media) that no news group, even as story background to this fake collusion, has retold the true story of the Kennedy/Andropov tale of collusion and treason. It sounds like even fox hasn’t covered it. It would sure allow the people to see the difference between reality and fantasy.

  3. From Obama interfering in Israel’s elections to Teddy K colluding with the Russians and everything in between where was CNN foaming at the mouth?

    It’s like the whole MSM is suffering some PTS. They are chasing the stories that have actually happened the only problem is that was then and this is now. It’s like they have the story already written and saved on their hard drive and they have pulled it back up and changed the name from “Obama”, “Clinton” or “Kennedy” to “Trump” and then just force the narrative to fit their story that does not apply to Trump at all.

    Is there such such a psychological syndrome? I suppose being a political hack is a form of mental illness, but, I mean, other than that.

  4. Pelopidas, that is driving me nuts that the President isn’t bringing up the Israel interference. He should be smacking them in the face with it. Same with the Ukraine. Come on!
    I’d also like to see some lawsuits filed for FAKE NEWS!

  5. You people are deplorable! By 1983 poor Ted was a broken shadow of his former self. You must agree that all the Great Works he’d done a dozen years earlier: Civil Rights, Social-not-commun-ism, Immigration Reform… Progress, so much Progress, must have been to benefit the american people. Any later attempt to advantage others, be they foreign or domestic, over the american people was just a mistake. A simple, out of character, honest, mistake.

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