When The Need To Virtue Signal Outweighs Common Sense…

…you get drag queens reading, “What Color Is Your Underwear?” to young children at a public library.

“When a Mass Resistance activist asked a librarian who selected the books to be read to the children, the librarian reportedly responded that the Drag Queen Story Hour event is simply a form of “entertainment.”


8 Comments on When The Need To Virtue Signal Outweighs Common Sense…

  1. Funny, notice the library official didn’t specifically say who was being entertained by this atrocity. The audience or the drag queens or the library managers laughing at the whole bunch of them.

  2. The public libraries have been taken over by liberals/regressives thats why this has happened. Get involved and look at all the crap on the shelves.

  3. I need to start a library where the only things on the shelves are The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, the Complete Works of Samuel Johnson, The Bible, Knulp, The Complete Works of Kipling, and The Complete Works of Walter de la Mare.

    Shit. I can see already the place would be bereft of any custom.

  4. If the mothers didn’t bring their kids to this it would end.

    Somehow my kids survived without the “entertainment” of a library story hour and having to suffer their parents reading to them.


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