When The Police Are Minutes Away…

Bearing Arms

A Pasco County, Florida man who believes he was targeted after posting pictures of his gun collection online shot three men who broke into his home early Friday morning, killing two and injuring a third. More

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  1. That gun owner is a real Special Justice Warrior. The thieves got Justice from a real American Warrior.

  2. I’ve noticed some posters on gun-related forums that have signature lines listing the firearms they own. I just don’t think that’s helpful for this very reason.

  3. I never understood why people advertise the stuff they own, either on social media or with decals on their vehicles. I’ve heard stories, over the years, where guys had aftermarket parts and/or stereo systems stolen and they all had the brand decals plastered on their vehicles.

  4. JFC… I have to tell people in my family this a million fucking times:

    Do not post pictures of your home or your stuff or your personal bling in Fascistbook, because half your “friends” are a bunch of cunts or will pass the info on to some cunts they know, and you’re screwed.

  5. A cynic (Moi? Mais non!) might think that this jerk with the guns might even have been hoping for a home invasion so he could blow away some bad guys. Not that blowing away bad guys isn’t a good thing, but you might say what this fellow did was akin to dynamite fishing.

  6. …kind of sounds like the homeowner COULD be Bad_Brad, although HE more than likely would have bagged all three, so maybe not…

  7. Part of perfect justice would have been if the cops forced the third perp back inside the house to clean up his cohorts’ blood.

  8. Yeah, like Rick said, get out of here with your Tupperware guns (I kid, I kid…sort of). I’ll stick to my CZ’s and 1911’s

  9. My home defense pistols are two .357Mag revolvers on either side of the house. I have no interest in being fucked by some stupid semiauto with a weak mag spring.

  10. Guess I shouldn’t mention all those bags of gold I’ve got in the basement?

    Chinese Pandas, Ukrainian Gold bars, some oteher ssctuff ……….

  11. I think posting your gun collection online is like putting out a salt lick for deer. You draw them in so you can shoot them.

  12. Had that guy been here in Nolackaloonies, MT, he’d have been arrested and charged immediately with Deliberate Homicide, MT’s highest homicide charge, by our County Attorney. He despises guns (except for himself and his friends) and gun owners and is on record in a NYT interview from some years ago that he intends to do everything he can to abolish MT’s Castle Doctrine statute. As you might possibly guess, he’s a (d) and has been reelected for many years. Of course, this IS Nolackaloonies, seat of MT State gruberment…

  13. “911: What’s your emergency?”
    ” I’d like to report an attempted burglary”
    “911: would you like us to send a social worker out?”
    “Ummmm no, I’m gonna need the department of Sanitation please.
    “911: the department of Sanitation??”
    “Yeah, I need to know whether to put a couple of dead shitbags on the curb for Monday’s trash pick up of if they want to pick ’em up now.”

  14. This was definitely a non violent incident. The three gun enthusiasts were just eager to get a look at that great gun collection the gun owner proudly posted on social media – up close and personal.
    Too bad the gun owner overreacted. He probably felt their unannounced visit was inconvenient and too spontaneous. A knock on the door of the gun owner’s residence, instead of a busted window to announce the gun enthusiasts arrival would have most likely been perferred.
    This situation could have been resolved peacefully with the aid of a state sponsored conflict resolution representative despite the circumstances. -sarc

  15. Reporting back from the woods. 200 rounds out of my EDC G19 at 15yards two shots each, transition 10 yard to second target, two shots each, from the high ready. As fast as you can go. No jams or failure to feeds.
    Took off my skirt and bolted on my Les Baer. The testosterone immediately began to flow. My voice deepened. Same drill. No miss fires or FF’s either.
    I’m not sure what this proves, but it’s got to prove something.
    If that Glock jammed the guy probably thru some half assed shot and noddle armed it. But, a job well done.

  16. I heard that Florida Fish and Wildlife were investigating this……

    something about hunting over bait…..

  17. Noodle armed it? A new term of for me but sooo descriptive. I’m gonna steal that one from ya’ Brad.


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