When the White House Lies to the Media, and Laughs Doing It


AT: What a surprise!  It was revealed from the highest level that the Obama White House has been downright deceptive and had lied to the American public and media about the nuclear deal with Iran, as well as carrying on secret bilateral negotiations with Iran.

In spite of arguments by the Obama administration to the contrary, it has been clear from the beginning that the nuclear deal with Iran, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed on July 14, 2015, will not stop the Iranian effort to develop nuclear weapons.


President Barack Obama optimistically sent a message to Iran in March 2015 that a nuclear agreement could lead to a better path, the path of greater opportunities for the Iranian people.  Those “greater opportunities” materialized on May 8, 2016 with the announcement that Iran had successfully tested a ballistic missile, with a 1,240-mile range, capable of reaching Israel with full accuracy.


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  1. …”capable of reaching Israel with full accuracy.”

    What exactly is “full accuracy”? Is that the weaponized version of ‘vaguely accurate’? I suppose ‘limited accuracy’ or, “Well, it worked that one time!” just don’t have the necessary journalistic punch.

  2. Remember when the left accused fox news of getting their talking points straight from the GWB White House? Turns out the left wing media are just transcriptionists for Obama. Of course, we knew that already. They’re justade that they’ve been exposed.

  3. When does it become an impeachable offence when an administration blatantly lies to the American public and then admits that they were lying?

  4. @Brian in BC…when the administration doing the lying and obfuscation is GOPers and not Dhimmos, then the hangings start..the Media conrols what the lofo crowd gets, and more importantly what they don’t get…When our own madhatter Barky gets away with everything, including JarJar’s screw ups, Biden’s screw ups, Clinton’s screw ups, the beloved Protectorate of the MSM stay silent, hide, refuse to mention, and deny when charged with doing all this…then shrieking harpies they become when the opposition is in office.

  5. And most of America rolls over, mumbles something about the “Redskins,” and falls back into a drugged, drunken, drooling slumber.

    izlamo delenda est …

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