When There’s Only One Roll Left

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  1. Many years ago I went out for a meal with a friend. The waiter brought 3 rolls to the table. We discussed why in the world he would have brought 3 rolls since there were 2 of us, and finally asked him. He said the rule was to bring one extra. None of us had any idea why.
    If you like the rolls ask for more. Duh.
    Also stop eating so many carbs. 😉

  2. They are worried about their friend touching the roll. They should see what’s going on in the kitchen!

  3. Simple solution, take the last roll and cut it in half – problem solved. Right from the start ask for more butter and more rolls.

  4. Kind of like when someone is overly courteous at a 4-way stop sign and other traffic hindering “niceness”. “I’m going to let everyone go before me before I take my turn. Aren’t the nicest person ever? I’m SO giving!”.

    No. Not really. Think how it would look if everyone was like you. No one ever get anywhere.

    Take your turn when you should, dammit. Eat that last roll and call it not being wasteful, if you need to feel good about it. Take the carb hit for the team.

  5. My Mother taught us to never take the last one of anything at the table. It was game over when she was caught taking the last roll!

  6. Mmmm … rolls …

    this is a big fukkin deal!
    I de eat all of them and Jill can suck eggs!

    only wun think bettern i-scrreem ………. rolls ……..an …. donuts …….

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