When they strike at Trump, we are their target

Patriot Retort: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to grasp that the media’s relentless attacks at President Trump over supposed “racist” tweets aren’t actually aimed at him.

Even the dimwitted, ideologically-driven cranks on CNN know that the barrage of venom hurled at our President slides off of him like rain on a duck’s back.

Nothing they say, nothing they do throws him off course.

But he isn’t their target here.

We are.

These guys aren’t particularly original.  Since 2015, the media have been using smears like “racist” and “Nazi” in order to intimidate us into abandoning Trump.

In short, it’s a voter intimidation campaign.

Democrats can’t win in the arena of ideas.

So the media hopes to put its thumb on the scale by intimidating Trump voters with accusations of racism. more

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  1. I’m racist, I admit it. I’m racist of stupid people. If you happen to be black, yellow, red, brown or white and are stupid. Then yeah, I’m racist and if the shoe fits, I have no problem identifying it as such.

  2. I can’t speak for anyone else, but President Trump has modeled courage for me. I am no longer careful of who I might offend. And if I am called out for using an older (formerly acceptable) term for a group, I ignore it, and am even learning to not apologize.
    Thank you again, and God Bless you, Mr. President.

  3. they hate Americans. Don loves Americans. So in shooting at him; they really have their guns aimed at us. US being America loving Americans.

  4. Dann straight. But we’ve beem atupid enough to keep electing GOP rats, so.we made great targets. No.more.

  5. The American Communist party
    Who call themselves democrats
    and who I call smellocrats

    Have wanted only one thing for
    one hundred years


    Or as Karl Marx said

    The elimination of the


    Think about it
    What have their policies been geared to
    not what they lied to
    but what they obviously are directed to

    Why do they want to empower
    this country’s external enemies
    while weakening our military
    and American citizens

    Why do they want internal treasonous turmoil
    while claiming any criticism of their treason


    And ergo not debatable or subject to question !

    This the new ” new left ” .
    Are the smellocrats happy now ?

    Is Nancy Pelosi gloating of her political professionalism ?

  6. I have been saying for decades that all Conservatism needed was a real leader who wasn’t afraid to take what they throw at us and turn it around and break it off in their ass. Instead the rotten bastards dry shaved us every chance they get. I warned of the perils of keeping the Arlon Sphincter types on the payroll and all I get in response was: we need them. They were the last thing we needed, the bastards always ratfucked us at the worst possible time and then the entire eRepublican den of shitbaggery defended them with gusto. The latest incarnation of ratfucker in chief is that despicable Romney shitfinger.

  7. BOURGEOIS: French corruption of the Dutch word ‘Burger’, which means **FREE CITIZEN**, not the ‘middle class’.

    In Utopia you can only have Masters and Slaves.


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