When Trump wasn’t a racist for saying exactly what he says today

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  1. Well he was a democrat back then. So it was ok.

    Now he’s a republican so the same things are now evil.

    Rules for thee…

  2. I don’t recall him ever being a democrat. He may have registered as a dem but never campaigned for them or sounded like one.
    He could be best described as a populist.

  3. Who.saya Trump is a racist, except raciats
    – like michelle obama.

    They’re always projecting.

  4. In all the interviews I have seen of Trump, not once did he ever come off as a Democrat. Democrats don’t talk the way Trump does. Trump met with Reagan when Reagan was President. Reagan saw Trump on a talk show and Reagan sent Trump a note that said “You’re interview was great, you will be the President of US someday, Congratulations!” Reagan and Nancy signed the note.

  5. Up until the time he decided to run for President as a Republican, liberals would stand in line for a chance to be in his presence. To them he has now turned to the dark side…in reality THEY are the dark side!

  6. I think of Trump as a Free-Market politician. Maybe kinda Libertarian, but not a Big-Government guy. He clinched my vote when I read about the Wollman Rink fiasco and how he stepped up and just frikkin’ FIXED IT! Yah! Not like it was a hard thing to do! Man! I LOVE my President!

  7. Trump is a smart business man and has operated under the same premise as Michael Jordan – everyone buys sneaker and rents hotel rooms. Why would you pick a side publicly and offend 50% of your possible customer base. Something more companies should adopt. And he had to work within liberal NY and NJ. He had public tells, he also took out ads and advocated being tough on crime and the death penalty for murder. I can’t recall him saying anything overtly liberal they just assumed he was a democrat being a New Yorker donating to a lot of people that were often dems to get what he needed. It must just frost them to no end seeing this and not realizing the real threat he posed.

  8. @MerryMouse

    I just read about the Wollman Rink. I had never heard about it before. Trump was magnificent in fixing it. He showed the power of free enterprise vs bumbling government methods and officials.

    What a guy…now build that wall Mr. Trump!

  9. BFH

    My fav Gov + Pres was a conservative Dem (as was I for decades) Liberals like the Rove/Bush clique way he was a liberal then. they ARE LIARS! I was old enough to read his HUAC testimony in’47. IF JFK + FDR were conservative then this Dem was a lib.
    In his primaries – bot for Gov + Pres – many leftist GOP said this man got a DEm elected who all the “Knowledgable, sophisticated, learned’ “experts” said could no win! Ronnie elected HST in ’48; my guess is long before most here were born – Hey I am OLD!

    In ’60 Ronny, a Dem said. “My party nominated and elected a Communist President of America! My party has left me!” I was PRes of my college YD in ’63 and knew full well that Ronny did not go to NOrwqlk and change party til ’62!

    I have thought for over 70 years that conservative Dem were great Americans. I have not been a Dem for decades; but I voted for Barry n ‘6 because of THE SPEECH!

    I step down from my box

  10. @TimBuktu
    Yup! I read it in his book and, skeptic that I am, wanted to confirm it. Even Wikipedia had to concede he was successful!

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