“When Women Rule the World” Movie is Trump Derangement Syndrome on Steroids

An unfunny steaming pant load that looks like a porno director’s effort to make “his masterpiece.”

This is “direct to airplane” quality, where the patrons still walk out.


“When Women Rule the World” Notice there aren’t any buildings, plumbing, roads or any infrastructure what so ever. Looks pretty accurate from that standpoint.
Should be titled “when leftist morons rule the earth”. But, that is never going to happen again. America won’t survive to that point. Leftists have jumped the shark, and we will all pay.
Writer-director-producer Sheldon Silverstein said his comedy “has something to say about what’s going on in the world.” Yeah, it’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome BIG TIME. Ever since Donald Trump won, the left in this country has lost its collective mind. Funny how there wasn’t a peep from them when Barack Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, bragged to presidential aides that he was “really good at killing people.” Talk about hypocrisy…
Plan 9 From Outer Space laughs at you. 😃🤣😄😁😂💩
President Trump is so AWESOME that he creates jobs even for low-IQ Liberals like these garbage “filmmakers”,
Great job, except mature women overwhelming approve of Trump. Not only are you tasteless, but you’re out of touch. Stop listening to your echo chamber and sycophants.
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13 Comments on “When Women Rule the World” Movie is Trump Derangement Syndrome on Steroids

  1. Michael Moore’s masterpiece? what a waste of film. The only way anyone could watch this crap is to start smoking dope again.

  2. Wonder if it’s an extreme satire on the same level as “Kentucky Fried Movie” (deliberate satire) and “Reefer Madness” (propaganda into satire).
    If I can find it for free, it might be worth a couple of wasted hours of mindless entertainment.
    WHo has the popcorn?

  3. Looked up this guys bio and all he’s done is cheap horror flicks and R-Rated skinflicks. He’s been living in Rome for 20 years so I suspect that much like Jerry Lewis and the French the Italians think he has talent.

  4. Wow. If women ruled the world there would be millions of abandoned wrecked automobiles, tractors, trains, and aeroplanes littering the earth. Everybody would have shoes made of plastic milk jugs and NO one would know what time it was. None of the printers would print and the earth would be covered in house cats.

  5. face it guys, if women ruled the world all our caves would have curtains

    … you just know I’m right …

  6. this is a film that depicts the president of USA has a very insensitive human being.Why? Who would a caring president pull out of the Paris climate agreement, when Amearica should be a leader in trying to curb green house gas> We don’t have much time to waste my friends. The earth is overheating and the the oceans of world are getting warmer causing the jet streams becomimg weaker and weather patterns are out of control…..

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