“When you know nothing, you re-invent everything” – Film Ladd

Advantages and disadvantages of co-living

The pros:

  • Creating more affordable housing
  • Living with people who share the same affinities
  • For green projects: respect for nature and recycling and reusing materials are often essential values
  • Living in a community with constant social stimulation

The cons:

  • Having to adjust your needs to those of the group
  • Taking an obligatory part in community life
  • Living spaces that are sometimes too close for comfort in order to leave space for communal areas
  • The necessity to run errands or do chores for the group

16 Comments on “When you know nothing, you re-invent everything” – Film Ladd

  1. I lived like that for a couple of years here in Vermont when I couldn’t afford anything better. Believe me it sucks. People aren’t that careful when using someone else’s stuff—especially their visiting friends—and some people are always cleaning up while others don’t. The place is never really clean and the dishes are never really done. One resident, I remember, threw out his wet watermelon rind in a supermarket paper bag under the sink. Someone else told him that was like peeing on the floor. Annoyance ensued. Then you’ll find the tip broken off your best French kitchen knife, or your Creuset pan in a hot oven charred handle and all. In a nutshell, communal living is fine when you’re young or extroverted, but, please, don’t foist it on those of us who truly enjoy our solitude.

  2. Co living. A new word for an old living arrangement call room mates. None of us were well off enough to afford a domicile of our own.

    It ain’t Seinfeld. Kramer was fictitious. He’d have been homeless in real life. George lived with his parents. Elaine? Well I don’t know but I think she was in the “suck for a buck” crowd. So Jerry, a stand up comedian, was the stably employed guy.

    Yeah. Right.

  3. I’m with Pushy, don’t play well with others and suffer ignorance poorly.
    “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.”- Poor Richard

  4. @PushyGalore. Burnt popcorn in my Crueset pot, thanks to a roomie, but the pan still lives to this day. Bought it in 1979. A kings ransom at the time.
    Good cutlery got destroyed in the dishwasher. Wooden handles.

  5. Something I learned fast in my idealistic youth: in any group effort, just ONE dishonest or destructive a-hole can AND WILL ruin it for everyone else.

    Young Bernie Sanders glommed onto a series of hippie communes because he wanted a free ride at others expense.
    He avoided his share of chores, never pulled his oar, never chipped in and was a nonstop mooch and freeloader. Eventually his excuses ran thin and he was reluctantly asked to leave one place, then on to the next unsuspecting commune of idealists. Rinse and repeat, for years, until the communes all disappeared.

    That’s the Left in a nutshell. One silver lining to “group co-living”, it will slap the Socislism out of Millenials, one disappointment at a time.

  6. Did that “co-living” thing back in the 70s, lived with 2 chicks, but there was a hitch, the landlord was a real conservative dick who hated the idea, so I had to pretend to be gay.

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