When you see him…

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  1. I’ve been trying to get my newest addition to the family, London, in for his “alteration” and with the quarantine keeping me mostly home without work I had it set for this friday. Now Michigan added non emergency vet visits as non essential. Appointments cancelled til further notice.

  2. @ Different Tim….just requires a sharp pen knife and your teeth….some alcohol swabs and many, many, many bandages for your own damn self…..

  3. Eleanor’s disappeared in 1916; I never saw it again.
    I heard Lorena Hickok found it and adopted it.

  4. I see it in the reflection in the upper right hand corner of what I believe is a bath tub. Can’t really tell if it’s a dog or a cat. Either way they both don’t like vets messing with their private parts.

  5. I’m gonna try that when I go for my next Medicare checkup, just before the ask me if I have any guns.

  6. Very smart doggie.
    I had one dog who hid his head under a bench at the vet, forgetting that his huge shaggy body and tail were hanging out so far the vet had to step over him. It was rather like hiding a jumbo jet in your garage.

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