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When You’re in a Hurry at the Grocery Store

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  1. This is great. Some how or other I’ve taken over all the cooking. I actually enjoy it, BUT, I plan a menu day by day. Which means I stop at one grocery store or another every night after working a 12 hour day. I’m usually in a hurry and I will take extreme measures to avoid anybody I might know.
    But here’s the irritating shit. People that stare at a cut of meat like they’re after a Leonard Nemoy moment with it. Honestly, there’s been times, frequently, where I go complete the rest of my shopping, come back to the meat department and the same asshole is trying to have a mind melt with a Tri Tip. At that time I ask them if I can slide in and grab a cut. I’ve been told no twice. both woman. I did it anyway. Infuriating.

  2. Not bad. But. They forgot to add in that the store rearranged all the isles. Nothing is where is was two days ago. That also increased the probability of having more time delaying encounters.

  3. Brad, I can relate to that. One thing that used to drive me nuts, but I’m used to it now, is that after working till you’re done, then going to the store, making a world class dinner, it’s after 7:00 usually before we eat. Someone invariably asks, when are we going to eat? It’s a good thing there is an adult beverage in an arms reach otherwise I’d get ticked off at someone.

  4. Joe6
    You’re a a good judge of meat, like I am. We need a certain weight with so much marbling. Get the hell out of my way. LOL. I’m telling you, they’re freaken zombies.
    I had an interesting interaction two days before Christmas. I’m on the hunt for a Sierra Sirloin (Barbs Fav) at our local specialty store. The butcher is talking to this panicked woman about that cut. She see me buying one and asks all the important questions. So I ran it down to her, told her to buy a meat thermometer and pull it slightly before 220. Ran into her a couple days ago and she ran me down to tell me how bad ass her Christmas dinner turned out. To each their own I guess. But that’s one hell of a cut of meat. Don’t think I’d ever do it for Christmas.

  5. One place wimmin are worse than in a grocery store, is in the grocery store parking lot. What the hell gets into them, they are so rude and inconsiderate.

  6. Let us not forget the people who leave their cart in line and go back to go get items they forgot, return 5 mins later and are cussing and spitting cuz the cart was shoved outta the way and the line kept moving.

  7. @Bad Brad: “I can slide in and grab a cut. I’ve been told no twice. both woman. I did it anyway. Infuriating.”

    You’re approaching it the wrong way. Don’t even ask, just slide in, get what you want and leave. I’m an accomplished shopper, I don’t return for a second try. Never give anyone a chance to say NO!

  8. geoff the aardvark January 14, 2019 at 8:47 am

    White bread, really? Who eats white bread?

    Fat EBT card holders. They buy it OUR money!

  9. If they quit buying crap using our money on their EBT cards maybe they could eat better. And maybe if a stigma was attached to it like there used to be than and they could only buy real food (no steak or lobster, junk food or other luxury items ever) and not junk they’d get the idea but I doubt it.

  10. @B_B
    You enjoy shopping b/c you’re a hunter/gatherer. You’re on a hunting trip. It’s in a man’s DNA.

    To the women: If your man is w/ you, send him all over the store to find specific items. You’ll be so much happier and he’ll be stoked that he was successful in helping you. BUT, whatever you do, don’t become BFF’s with the woman cashier, who you didn’t know prior to reaching her by trading life experiences.


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