When You’re Undecided and a Bit Illiterate

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  1. Good insight, UH!
    *Funny*, ain’t it, that you don’t see any such signs with
    IDK NOT Bush, Rubio, Cruz (etc etc) THO
    DO YOU?!?

    The unity-in-hate is miiiiighty revealing.

  2. Anybody watch the debates last night? Trump is going to get destroyed by Hitlery when it comes to foreign affairs.

  3. -I don’t abbreviate words, I say the whole fucking word.

    -I don’t take selfies. (Selfie isn’t even a word)

    -I don’t bump fists. (real men shake hands)

    I’m a Generation X, and sadly, the last of the working class of generations, and I’m only 43 years old…

    Since the left is bashing Trump (and Cruz) more than anyone else, that tells me he is the candidate they fear the most.

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