Where Are All Our Jackass Covid Trolls Now?????????????????? – IOTW Report

Where Are All Our Jackass Covid Trolls Now??????????????????

I guess they are too embarrassed to show their goofy f88kin stupid faces around these parts, because as more and more facts leach out it looks like they were D-U-M-B dumb.

It was always about THE MONEY.

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  1. gosh have to wonder how many millions of people died to support this greed and to literally outlaw drugs that we all knew worked?

  2. Remdesivir should only be given to high-ranking government officials, all FBI leaders, Justice Department officials, and any other leftist politicians.

  3. Once I realized that absolutely everything that comes out of mainstream establishment is fake and gay, and therefore I think and do the exact opposite, my life has been greatly improved.

    As for the trolls, they are still out there hanging out on sites that bans people who speak truth. Only they aren’t trolls there, everyone praises them with clapping emojis and blue hearts and waves.

  4. If you’re unvaxed and haven’t yet been infected with any strain of COVID, STAY AWAY from multiple-vaxed people who are getting COVID over and over. They WILL give it to you. Many are now carriers.

  5. Yeah some of us were saying from the beginning the ventilators were killing them and we were called conspiracy theorists because hospitals wouldn’t do that. Then when we learned of this drug we said it was killing people and once again we were told the same.

    I personally know of not one single person who had symptoms with or without a positive test, or someone with no symptoms with a positive test who died that didn’t go to the hospital. I wish I could say the same about those who got the real vax.

  6. Many of our loved ones got the shot not just in my family but many on this site also. We need to pray for them and hope there is a way that the evil that has been done to them can be reversed,if not it is going to be a very lonely future for many of us as we grow older.
    I worry greatly.
    Most had to take it to keep their jobs or they just did not understand the peril that the powers in charge have put them in by foisting on them a unproven treatment that will kill tens of millions. All planned.
    We all know who is to blame, but it was done with lies and deceit with the press at the top of the list and they need to be stopped.How I do not know, they are the crux of almost every problem that we have in our country and the world right now and have been for many decades.

  7. Quinn in the Morning radio show today featured the opening remarks at the international court in the Hague. Scroll to 01:15:00. It’s about 12 minutes long. The usual suspects are named: Klaus Schwab, Fauci, Bill Gates, Trudeau, Merkel, etc. If you find this sound clip anywhere else let me know. The media is making sure we don’t know about it.

  8. The media doesn’t show it, but there are some lawsuits already hitting courtrooms.

    Corporations who mandated the vax, counties and cities who made businesses lose money. All of them.

    Keep applying pressure until they start turning on the feds.

  9. Some lawyers are suing the Hospitals whose HR departments excluded exemptions. And they are suing for EACH HR person involved in the illegal activities… and winning.

  10. Geoff C. The Saltine has this right! I pray every day that my vaxed family is spared the damage that they face. I love every one of those knuckleheads!

  11. @TRF August 16, 2022 at 4:39 pm

    > The greatest transfer of wealth in our lifetimes!

    Only if you insist on calling the lie “true”.

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