Where Did All the NYC Subway Revenue Go??

Where Did All the NYC Subway Revenue Go??

It was stolen by bureaucratic thieves, and it went to union contracts, of course.

When you see the technology in the bowels of the transit system you won’t believe your eyes.

2AFAC99100000578-0-image-a-39_1438309207098Click pic for video.


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  1. if it ain’t broke then line the union leaders pockets with gold.

    When there is a catastrophic failure blame W. Then ask for a couple of billion to make it all right and it will be back to “business”.

  2. No.
    It looks like shit and its highly inefficient.

    In the video they explain that they really don’t know where the subway cars are, so they have to keep huge gaps between the cars cutting down on the amount of cars that can get on a rail and serve commuters.
    Their own system costs them money.
    Then they whine and raise rates.

  3. Sounds like the same technology they used back on the transcontinental railroad, with the addition of some lights and levers to keep the telegraph operators from falling asleep.

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  5. Irony – Fully agree with your assessment of The Train. Burt Lancaster at his best demonstrating what one man alone, in the end, is capable of & Paul Schofield managing to be absolutely amoral & totally evil simultaneously. GREAT film.

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