Where have all the Bob Ross paintings gone… long time passing

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  1. I found it a bit strange that there wasn’t a lot of art work on the walls of the offices of Bob Ross, Inc.

    Interesting video, though. He’s been gone for almost 25 years and not only has his show gone on, but they haven’t been able to replace him. That’s iconic.

  2. I have a significant collection of paintings by ‘Rob Boss” if anybody is interested. His rocks were all named Jim…

  3. You’re better, Big. Hands down. Bob’s best known by Leftists, isn’t he? (judging from him hanging around pbs)

  4. I can’t remember if it’s on Hulu or Netflix but they have Bob Ross’s TV shows listed as “relaxing” and “chill” and in the same category as fireplaces and log fires that you can run for hours during the holidays. We put Bob Ross on after Thanksgiving dinner when we were having pie and playing games. Fun! And…relaxing. 👍

  5. I blame him for my constant use of the expression, “That’s where it lives.”

    It is what it is.

    Little do’ers.

    Let’s go up here…


  6. I saw a story about his life years ago. Among other things you wouldn’t suspect was that he was in the Air Force for 20 yrs and retired a Master Sgt. He was known as a real hard ass too. He took up painting to get calmed down. Who’d have guessed?

  7. He was at the Doubleday Book Store In Cleveland’s Tower City decades ago. He seemed like a genuinely happy person who was pleasant to all he met. He chatted with a lot of customers. There were plenty of other minor notables who looked at the customers as if they were virulent viruses. Ross was a refreshing change. Rest in peace with the happy little clouds.

  8. I used to watch Bob Ross on KQED not so much to learn painting but more like his show was hypnotic relaxation. Just got sucked into the peacefulness.

  9. Not selling original Bob Ross paintings is ridiculous. Even Michaelangelo, Picasso and other art masters work is sold. The cult following wouldn’t be compromised, just intensity.

  10. WalMart sells his T-shirts. They have sayings on them Mine says: “Ever Make Mistakes in Life? A big pic of Bob Ross with a paint brush in his hand, Under his pic it says: “Let’s Make Them Birds, Yeah, They’re Birds Now!” I guess he making a comeback – his organization I think is marketing him even though he’s dead. I suspect Mr. Rogers will follow the same some day – when they’ve milked Bob Ross.

    P.S. The pic that’s on this thread of Bob Ross is the same pic on his T-shirts.


  11. Bob Ross still lives!

    You need to look for him, he’s not the same as he used to be, he takes on many forms. For example this guy. This is a shorter video of his, just give him a chance, Bob is in him.


    Oh, he also gives good advice. He says you should compliment people you meet, say something nice. I like your pants, or I like the way yo head is shaped.

  12. yeah when I saw Donahue the word douche immediately came to my mine also; other than this I enjoyed this video a lot! We either have a BR or a BR-inspired sofa painting as it doesn’t look labored over


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