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Where in the World is Ed Schultz?

PJM: He once called talk show host Laura Ingraham a “slut.” He routinely compared conservatives to Nazis.

ed schultz

He yelled at a conservative guest about Indiana’s religious liberty law and turned off his mike.

He received a quarter of a million dollars from American labor unions and unashamedly acted as their shill on air. He once compared Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson to ISIS. He was easily the most objectionable liberal on air at MSNBC – and that’s saying a lot.

Ed Schultz was finally canned by the network because more people were watching The Dog Channel than his show. But where do you suppose someone like that ends up? Ā more

10 Comments on Where in the World is Ed Schultz?

  1. Michelle Fields sent them her resume highlighting her ability to lie with a straight face on camera AND social media.

  2. Where is Ed Schultz? Six feet under hopefully.

    According to Obama there’s a media bias against him by guys like Ed?? MSNBC is a damn joke and 100% in the bag for the democRats. šŸ˜”

  3. Down at the Bus Station Men’s Room … last stall on the left (the one with the hole drilled in it).

    Loose change accepted.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Ed who? I think I’ve heard of him, briefly, once or twice. But never listened to him (thank goodness for my sanity and precious time).
    Irrelevant then, equally irrelevant (if not more so) now.

  5. That’s hilarious. Mr Ed is just channeling his inner Groucho. “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”

    Integrity of any kind? not so much, IMO.

  6. Where in the World is Ed Schultz?
    Why, does he owe you money?

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